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ARPTalk 127 – Bring in the Clowns


Clowns are associated with circuses, birthday parties, and fun. However, a clown wears a mask, and not only does the mask hide the clown’s identity, the mask also hides the clown’s intentions. Recent events in Due West involving Erskine Seminary are similar to a circus parade of clowns.

ARPTalk 126 – The Three Amigos of Due West (Part Two: Heaven Help Us! They Still Ride!!)


A petition from the faculty of Erskine Theological Seminary was sent to members of the Erskine board and the General Synod of the ARP Church asking for the separation of the seminary from the college as soon as possible. What would trigger such an action from the seminary faculty? This article continues the unfolding story.

ARPTalk 125 – The Three Amigos of Due West (Part One)


Erskine College & Seminary was founded to educate college and seminary students to the glory of God. It appears the Three Amigos of Due West are attempting to turn Erskine College from a “gospel enterprise” to a sports-entertainment enterprise. Yes, Erskine may grow to 700 students, but at what cost?

ARPTalk 124 – Incomplete Forward Pass: Analysis of the Erskine Board Meeting


The last issue of ARPTalk, “Kooistra’s ‘Hail, Mary,’” must have hit a nerve in Due West. Instead of presenting the case for an Erskine football program and asking the board’s approval (as was anticipated), President Kooistra pulled back. In uncertainty, he said he just wanted to talk about football. Was he indicating that football was not a “Hail, Mary,” but just a forward pass?

ARPTalk 122 – Decimation of Erskine Seminary: Interview with Dr. Chris Wisdom, former Erskine Seminary VP


This article chronicles a series of institutional decimations over the last ten years carried out against Erskine Seminary by a college-driven Erskine College & Seminary administration after 177 years of service to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. What does the future hold for the Erskine seminary?

ARPTalk 121 – The Challenges of 2016 for Erskine College & Seminary


The new year has begun well for Erskine College & Seminary. What does 2016 portend for financial disclosure at Erskine? More of the same? A new page? I do not know!

Hooray for Bill Cain!


The Erskine board meeting on May 28, 29, and 30 began with drama. It was a time in which little was done and much was accomplished. Chairman David Conner resigned from both chairmanship and the board leaving new Chairman Bill Cain with the task of reconstituting the Presidential Search Committee. At long last, I think this chapter of the battle for Erskine is closed.



Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein’s definition is a perfect opening for a report on the February 20 and 21 meeting of the Erskine board.

A Lady of Integrity; A Double-Minded Board


Ms. Jane Green’s letter of resignation on July 29 from Erskine Theological Seminary was a surprise. Fourteen months ago she was brought on board ETS with a record of success and a sterling reputation for industry and integrity. The reasons she lists for her resignation are plain and damning.

An Open Letter to the Ministers of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


The enclosed article below is by Mr. Craig Mutton. Mr. Mutton and his family are members of the Unity ARP Church, Piedmont, South Carolina. “Let me make it clear that I have not spoken out because I like to participate in controversy. In fact, I hate confrontation. I would much rather see our denomination in the place of Psalm 81:13-16 than in the place of Psalm 109:6-15.

Bits and Pieces


The blowing of the wind that you heard and felt a few days ago was the collective sigh of relief that came out of Due West, SC. The question terrifying Erskine was whether or not ATS would forgive ETS for all the indiscretions that occurred under the “reign of incompetence” of Harvey Gaston. Also in this article is a current-events demonstration of what happens when a denomination fights for its college. Would the ARP had been so bold…

A Vision for Erskine as Articulated by the Erskine Facebook Participants


It is safe to say that it would have been unthinkable at that time for anyone in the ARP Church to envision Erskine Seminary as a place where there would be attempts to undermine and even betray the theological tenets of the ARP Church. In the last 40 years, what once was unthinkable has been thought and has taken place and is continuing at Erskine Seminary.

A Statement on the Authority of the Bible


While some have thought that what has been termed the “battle for the Bible” was successfully concluded in evangelical circles almost three decades back, there can be little doubt at this point that the doctrine of Scripture is now a front-burner issue among American Evangelicals. In particular, there is increasing interest in the formulations of Karl Barth, whose dialectical theology is thought by some to provide…

An Interview with Dr. R. J. Gore: Regarding the “Statement on Scripture by Concerned Erskine Faculty Members”


If nothing but the last line of this interview were to have been published, it would still have newsworthy! Thank you, Dr. Gore for your time in addressing these few questions.

Understanding the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church & It’s Relation to Erskine Seminary


This article, by Mr. Seth Stark, is how an outsider, a Californian and a graduate student who has recently become an ARP, sees the relationship between the ARP Church and Erskine College and Seminary.

Erskine Theological Seminary Irrelevant to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


Many of us look at Erskine College and Seminary and wonder why our educational institutions have not prospered in the last 40 years. How is it that we have failed to understand that the two are connected? Has not the struggle in the last 40 years been over theological and confessional integrity? Neely Gaston, Executive Vice President of Erskine Theological Seminary (ETS) resigned on Thursday, January 18, 2011, continuing the troubled story of ETS that has seen a decline in enrollment, a growing financial crisis that is unfixable apart from drastic measures, division and disillusionment among faculty members, and a widespread loss of trust in the seminary by the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Paranoia ‘Я’ Us


Aldon Knight and Jay West are at it again… Here we have a soliloquy, an uninformed rant, and a case of bizarre paranoia against the people and institutions of those who believe and adhere to the tenets of the God of the Bible.

Erskine Theological Seminary: An Amazing, Technicolor, Stereophonic, and Multifaith Theological Experience!


Has Erskine Theological Seminary adopted Claremon’t mission statement of “…seeking to instill students with the ethical integrity, religious intelligence, and intercultural understanding necessary to become effective in thought and action as leaders in the increasingly diverse, multireligious world of the 21st century”?

Erskine Seminary Professor Writes He Does Not Believe In Satan and Demons


Sadly, it is now well known in most of the conservative Reformed theological world that Dr. Hughes Oliphant Old, holder of the John Leith Chair and the Director of the Institute of Reformed Worship at Erskine Theological Seminary, has, in his most recent book, The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, vol. 7: Our Own Time, written that he does not “believe in Satan, demonic spirits, and demon possession.”

Extra #12 – The Mutinous Erskine Board of Thieves!


“The Mutinous Erskine Board of Thieves” is the only way left to describe the Board of Erskine College and Seminary. These trustees who have been nominated by the Nominating Committee of the ARP Church and elected by the General Synod are suggesting what amounts to an act of theft.