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ARPTalk 129 – Who Actually Runs Erskine?


Presently, the situation at Erskine is a Turkish bazaar of the kooky. In the words of Patrick McManus, it is “a fine and pleasant misery.” Erskine CFO Greg Haselden is a Roman Catholic who says he is an “evangelical. Roman Catholicism and Protestant evangelicalism are about as compatible as water and fire.

ARPTalk 128 – The King Is Desperate!


Counting on football for Erskine is an act of desperation. Without blushing, King Kooistra admits he has no other plan. It is like he is in a poker game and desperately trying to save the family farm by going for broke. He is drawing to an inside straight flush. Good luck! The odds for success are “about 1.4 thousandth of a per cent”

ARPTalk 127 – Bring in the Clowns


Clowns are associated with circuses, birthday parties, and fun. However, a clown wears a mask, and not only does the mask hide the clown’s identity, the mask also hides the clown’s intentions. Recent events in Due West involving Erskine Seminary are similar to a circus parade of clowns.

ARPTalk 126 – The Three Amigos of Due West (Part Two: Heaven Help Us! They Still Ride!!)


A petition from the faculty of Erskine Theological Seminary was sent to members of the Erskine board and the General Synod of the ARP Church asking for the separation of the seminary from the college as soon as possible. What would trigger such an action from the seminary faculty? This article continues the unfolding story.

ARPTalk 125 – The Three Amigos of Due West (Part One)


Erskine College & Seminary was founded to educate college and seminary students to the glory of God. It appears the Three Amigos of Due West are attempting to turn Erskine College from a “gospel enterprise” to a sports-entertainment enterprise. Yes, Erskine may grow to 700 students, but at what cost?

ARPTalk 124 – Incomplete Forward Pass: Analysis of the Erskine Board Meeting


The last issue of ARPTalk, “Kooistra’s ‘Hail, Mary,’” must have hit a nerve in Due West. Instead of presenting the case for an Erskine football program and asking the board’s approval (as was anticipated), President Kooistra pulled back. In uncertainty, he said he just wanted to talk about football. Was he indicating that football was not a “Hail, Mary,” but just a forward pass?

ARPTalk 123 – Kooistra’s “Hail, Mary”


When Paul Kooistra was hired as the President of Erskine College & Seminary, he was hired to return Erskine to her roots as a Christian Liberal Arts college with a reputation for academic integrity and excellence. Instead, what do we get? We get football presented as the Messiah for all financial woes! Is this a “Hail, Mary” pass of desperation?

ARPTalk 121 – The Challenges of 2016 for Erskine College & Seminary


The new year has begun well for Erskine College & Seminary. What does 2016 portend for financial disclosure at Erskine? More of the same? A new page? I do not know!

ARPTalk 120 – Congratulations to Paul Kooistra: President, Erskine College


Congratulations and a tip of the hat are due to President Paul Kooistra of Erskine College & Seminary. He was somehow able to talk the SACS people into removing the sanction of probation on Erskine. He is a magician! What else can he pull out of his hat?

ARPTalk 119 – The October Meeting of the Erskine Board: Not Much Has Changed!


FDR’s once intoned, “Four years ago we were drowning in the waters of a great depression. Today, we are still drowning; but we have learned to breathe under water.” Well, that is the story being told at Erskine — they have learned to breathe under water financially. And as baseball’s philosopher Yogi Berra coined it, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

ARPTalk Email #27 – Crenshaw Wins!!!


An Abbeville, SC, jury found for the plaintiff in the case of Dr. William Crenshaw v. Erskine College. Going forward, what does this mean?

Hooray for Bill Cain!


The Erskine board meeting on May 28, 29, and 30 began with drama. It was a time in which little was done and much was accomplished. Chairman David Conner resigned from both chairmanship and the board leaving new Chairman Bill Cain with the task of reconstituting the Presidential Search Committee. At long last, I think this chapter of the battle for Erskine is closed.



Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein’s definition is a perfect opening for a report on the February 20 and 21 meeting of the Erskine board.

Bishop David the First


Despite our Presbyterianism, most are unaware the ARP Church has an ecclesiastic who sits de facto as a bishop over a board and agency of General Synod. The chairman of the Erskine board sits without ecclesiastical parallel in the history of the ARP Church. And he, as was his two predecessors, is unparalleled in the use of his office to resist the will and directives of General Synod.

Carpe Diem: Hastening to Obey and Do the Right Thing


When we in the ARP Church are confronted with the history of Erskine, what do we say? Have we hastened to obey God? Knowing the “right thing,” have we attempted to do it? The 2013 meeting of General Synod is the time for us to “Carpe Diem” and “hasten” to obey God.

Analysis of the Erskine Board Meeting: “Chuck, You’re Killing Us!”


According to reliable sources, the “blame” game has begun – well, unofficially, at least! At the board meeting on August 17th and 18th, in scattered and private conversations, the lament, “ARPTalk is killing us!”, was overheard. To blame the Erskine disaster on Chuck Wilson and ARPTalk is a gratifying but ultimately ridiculous act of blame-shifting.

A Lady of Integrity; A Double-Minded Board


Ms. Jane Green’s letter of resignation on July 29 from Erskine Theological Seminary was a surprise. Fourteen months ago she was brought on board ETS with a record of success and a sterling reputation for industry and integrity. The reasons she lists for her resignation are plain and damning.

An Open Letter to the Ministers of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


The enclosed article below is by Mr. Craig Mutton. Mr. Mutton and his family are members of the Unity ARP Church, Piedmont, South Carolina. “Let me make it clear that I have not spoken out because I like to participate in controversy. In fact, I hate confrontation. I would much rather see our denomination in the place of Psalm 81:13-16 than in the place of Psalm 109:6-15.

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up


The meeting of the General Synod did not end but fizzled out like a wet firecracker for want of a quorum at about 8:00 PM on Thursday, June 7. I am still depressed. How does one describe the 2012 meeting of Synod? Erskine, Erskine, Erskine, Erskine ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And Wolves.

What’s Going on at Erskine? Have You Noticed That Reality at Erskine Ain’t as Real as It Is Outside of Due West?


How is the ARP Church an “external influence” (like the Alumni Association, EC Foundation, the Due West Subway restaurant, and the homeowners’ association) and not an “internal influence”? If Erskine administrators say they are under Synod’s Manual of Authorities and Duties, how is the ARP Church an “external influence” and not an “internal influence”? An “external influence” cannot do the above things. Yet the ARP Church is now identified as an “external influence” by the administration. Oh, the irony of the howling contradiction! And, pray tell, how is it that SACS and ATS are not turning flips over these things?