Addendum – Clint Davis 2011 Synod Erskine Motion

Addendum 1 in Joe, That Ain’t Rain

Below is the motion that was made by Rev. Clint Davis and passed by the 2011 General Synod.


WHEREAS the Synod desires for Erskine College and Seminary to flourish as the Church’s agency of higher education;

WHEREAS the Synod reaffirms its commitment to Erskine College’s success as a premier, accredited, Christian liberal‐arts institution;

WHEREAS the Synod reaffirms its commitment to Erskine Seminary’s success as a faithful, accredited, confessional seminary;

WHEREAS no language currently exists in the Erskine College and Seminary charter which clarifies the nature of the relationship between the Synod and its institutions of higher learning;

WHEREAS the presence of such language promotes the peace of the church, the advancement of the mission of the institutions, the interests of the ARP Church, and the protection of the institution’s accreditation;

Therefore the Synod offers the following statement to the Erskine College and Seminary Board of Trustees. [The statement follows below in italics.] This preliminary language is given to the Board for their consideration and review as a future amendment to the institution’s charter. The Board is asked to provide the Synod with its feedback and proposed amendments in time for distribution and consideration at the Synod’s 2012 meeting, after which, an official proposal of amendment to the charter may be sent to the Board for consideration.

Recognizing the historic and organic relationship between Erskine College and Seminary (‘the Institution’) and the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (‘the Synod’), the Institution recognizes the right of the Synod to

  • a) through its Philosophy of Christian Higher Education and ‘Definition of an Evangelical,’ delineate the Synod’s aspirations for the institution;
  • b) appoint all trustees to the Board of the Institution; and
  • c) remove trustees for cause by a process set forth in governing documents of the ARP Church.

All Erskine Board members, faculty and administrators shall give affirmation that the Philosophy of Christian Higher Education and the Synod’s Definition of an Evangelical are in accordance with their own views and commitments. In its oversight of the Institution through the Board of Trustees, the Synod shall seek to act in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, the Westminster Standards, its own Philosophy of Christian Higher Education, and the laws of the State of South Carolina.