About Comments…

Comments are welcomed and encouraged at ARPTalk.org! I welcome comments that add other perspectives and contribute to the discussion – especially those that actively disagree with me in a vigorous way.

Comments, however, cannot be limited to harsh language and name calling. Though many of the issues discussed on ARPTalk can indeed get heated, please follow our instructions from Ephesians: “Be angry and do not sin.” We have a right to call on righteous anger to bring sin to light but we do not have the right to lash out in angry vindictiveness, common belittling, or “conduct unbecoming” of someone claiming Christ’s grace.

Another thing: Think of a comment here as a Letter to the Editor, and on this blog, the editor is me. If a comment is devoid of information or ideas, or if it is anonymous they will not be posted. If you think someone is talking gibberish but you don’t have the guts to put your name on it — why should anyone care?

These are my thoughts,

Chuck Wilson