The Meeting of the Anderson Chapter of the Erskine Alumni Association


The Anderson Chapter of the Erskine Alumni Association met on Thursday evening, September 22, 2011, at J Peter’s Bar and Grill in Anderson, SC, with 33 present. The crowd was “old”; only a few were 30-something (about 4). I have never attended one of these meetings. My wife and I attended this meeting with two young friends who are alums. My intention was to observe and listen and report. I did not speak. As soon as I returned home, I typed up my recollections. My chronology may be a bit off. Below are some of my observations.

  1. Mr. Buddy Ferguson and the team that was with him are to be commended. They were confronted by a hostile crowd, and he and his team performed admirably.
  2. Some of the people present were Mary Elizabeth Todd, Kevin Metz, Jay West, Kevin Brock, Nan Campbell, Charles Blakely, and John Tribble, who had come up from Atlanta to make his thoughts known. I sat at the same table with Mary Elizabeth Todd; however, the noise level was so high that she didn’t know who I was, and we had a civil conversation.
  3. The first question was: “Where is David Norman? Why isn’t he here? We have a word for ‘the young man!’” Mr. Ferguson explained that Dr. Norman was in Virginia visiting a donor. Then they wanted to know how many of the chapter meetings Dr. Norman had attended. Mr. Ferguson answered about half. These alums seemed to be very put out that Dr. Norman wasn’t there; they had come for a piece of “the young man.”
  4. John Tribble startled me with his question. Erskine has engaged a national recruiting consultant, and he asked: “Where is the money coming from to pay the consulting firm? Why is this money being paid to people who are not Erskine people?” He gave the impression that he was entitled to this information. He gave the impression that the Erskine administration was doing something underhanded. A young lady named Tobe Frierson, an Erskine employee who works in recruiting and who was also a part of Mr. Ferguson’s team that evening, explained the merits of the consultant. She noted that the “old” system was “broken” and that this arrangement was working very well. At this point the tired old canard of the “Bible College” was paraded out like a ghoul to frighten the alums one more time. It was clear that the point of this interrogation was a fear that Dr. Norman’s administration might be focusing on recruiting evangelical Christian students to attend Erskine. Their desire is a secular diversity that only tolerates a generic, insipid, and empty form of Christianity. Such is their broadmindedness that evangelical Christians need not apply. It was astonishing to watch anti-Christian xenophobia at work. Clearly, the attitude was this: we are entitled to what we want and we don’t want the Christian faith taken seriously. John Tribble announced that he was a fifth generation Erskine grad. He then opined that he needed to be heard and that all those people who were trying to “change” Erskine were second- class interlopers.
  5. These alums know little of how the Erskine Board of Trustees (BOT) works. They asked: “Why isn’t a representative of the BOT here to speak with us? We are entitled to information!” They failed to understand that the BOT exists to oversee the work of the administration and that the administration is the public voice of the institution.
  6. Indeed, the alums are upset with Dr. Norman and his administration. There are too many changes and new people they don’t know or trust! They are going to withhold their gifts to Erskine. The most vocal on this matter was Jay West. After a couple of drinks and a bottle of wine, he was still very clear in his opinions. He stated that he had changed his will again so that a 1.4 million dollar gift had been withdrawn. He said that he would re-instate his 1.4 million dollars if Erskine would listen to him and the alums instead of the ARP Church. Well, I have been hearing this out of West since about 1998 when I was on the BOT. He treats his will like a “Yo-yo.” Yawn! This antic has gotten old. Erskine will never see any money out of Jay West! That you can take to the bank!
  7. Regarding the constitution of the BOT, the refrain went like this: “We have the money. We have the voice. We matter. How dare the ARP Church control the appointments to the BOT?”
  8. The most bizarre and jaw-dropping question of the evening was this: “How dare David Norman and his administration not speak out on behalf of the EC Foundation and defend the names of Lee Logan, Jim Gettys, John Hunt, and Bill Lesesne since a motion (“memorial”) by the sessions of three congregations in Second Presbytery has been made calling for an investigation of these men as Directors of the EC Foundation”? Incredible!! I didn’t believe my ears! The EC Foundation has no connection to Erskine. In fact, the EC Foundation hurts Erskine by siphoning contributions away from Erskine. Logan, Gettys, Hunt, and Lesesne are not employees of Erskine. The matter before Second Presbytery involves four ordained elders in Second Presbytery. Why are these ARP elders Directors in the EC Foundation (1) when the EC Foundation has paid for litigation against the ARP Church, (2) when the stated purpose of EC Foundation is to collect money in order to sue the ARP Church, (3) when the goal of the EC Foundation is to oppose the ARP Church’s oversight of Erskine, which is one of the agencies of the ARP Church, and (4) when the EC Foundation regards the ARP Church an “outside influence” in its oversight of Erskine? I do not know what those people were drinking for supper; I was drinking water.
  9. Generally speaking, the alums’ animosity toward the ARP Church and President Norman in particular and evangelical Christianity in general was palpable.
  10. An interesting tidbit is that only about 6% (about 40) of the student body of Erskine is ARP. It seems that ARPs no longer trust Erskine.
  11. The BIG surprise of the evening: NOT A WORD WAS SPOKEN IN PUBLIC ABOUT DR. BILL CRENSHAW! I wonder why!?

Well, I’m sure I have missed something; however, I think I have hit on the salient points. I’m sure others will add points I have missed. I’m also sure some will interpret the evening differently. Be that as it may . . .

These are my thoughts,

Charles W. Wilson



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  1. Tim Phillips says:

    Chuck, thanks for reporting this. With regard to #4, Dr. Norman was at our presbytery meeting this past Tuesday and gave a description of what Erskine was doing in the area of recruiting. It was very insightful. The old way wasted money and paper, the new way takes advantage of modern media and technology and stands to appeal to the younger folks.

    Kudos to Mr. Ferguson and his team. I met him and Ms. Campbell at Synod this past year and they are fine people. I plan to be sending in a donation to the Seminary this year.

  2. Daniel F. Wells says:

    I agree with Tim. Buddy Ferguson is a fine, upstanding Christian. He works very hard at his job and he loves his Alma Mater. He has always treated me and other alumni with respect and enthusiasm.

    Tobe Frierson is also one of my favorite people at Erskine. I’m glad she is part of this new effort to see our enrollment increase. She is a natural at attracting students to Erskine, especially evangelical students.

    Indeed, Erskine is a family, and great people make up this family. I hope the ARP Synod continues to support the positive things happening at Erskine.

  3. Reiggin says:

    Jay West had several drinks and began running off at the mouth? There’s a shocker.


    • Jennifer West says:

      Well, surprise! Chuck lied yet again. I knew he has trouble seeing, but to say my husband had a few drinks and a bottle of wine… You obviously can not see well. Jay did have a cocktail… ONE! I want to know where you, Reiggin, get off criticizing someone you went to talk to all the time because you had such a difficult time making friends at Erskine. Please, grow up sometime soon. You are still having trouble making friends if Daniel Wells and Chuckie are in that circle. Be careful… sleeping with dogs will give you fleas!

  4. James Curtis says:

    Buddy Ferguson is the man. And that’s the bottom line.

  5. Reiggin Hilderbrand says:

    Other than his antics and empty threats, what exactly did Jay West contribute that evening?

    • Dear Mr. Reiggin Hilderbrand,

      You ask what Mr. West contributed other than loud braggadocio. Well, nothing. I was surprised to see that one who spoke so much about money didn’t even offer a gift to pay for his and his wife’s meal. However, that seems to be standard fare for those alums. There were only two who gave that evening. I was one of those who gave.

      Reiggin, don’t you think it telling that my small check is much more beneficial to Erskine than Mr. West’s yo-yo promise of 1.4 million dollars. At least Mr. Ferguson can take my small check to the bank. I rather doubt that Mr. Ferguson will live long enough to take Mr. West’s check to the bank.

      One other thing, Mr. Ferguson doesn’t have to worry about me withholding my gift again and again and again and again!

      Mr. West may want to correct the impression I have given of him. He is welcome to comment.

      Reiggin, I hopes this helps.


      Chuck Wilson

      • Reiggin Hilderbrand says:

        Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch [dinner]? All it takes is a bark with no bite.

        • Dear Mr, Reiggin Hilderbrand,

          Well ain’t you just a daisy! Pretty and bright in the sunshine! Your experience of Mr. West at Erskine must have been spectacular. Knew him well, did you?

          Mr. West often speaks of how much money he has; however, I have known the man a long time and I have never seen him spend or give much of anything. But do he talk!! Do he talk!!

          I wonder if this is what happens to a man when he learns “Critical Thinking” from Bill Crenshaw? Do tell!!


          Chuck Wilson

          • Reiggin Hilderbrand says:

            Don’t forget… Jay knows lots of important people. He’ll list them for you if you have indeed forgotten all the very important people he knows. And then he’ll remind you of just how saintly each one is. But don’t hold your breathe for those same people to come to his defense and say as equally lavishing things about him. Curious, ain’t it?

          • Daniel Stephens says:

            May I humbly suggest that this conversation is not on topic? While Jay West’s finances and his actions regarding them may be interesting, they don’t have any bearing on Erskine as the preeminent Christian liberal arts college in the south.

            • Reiggin Hilderbrand says:

              I wrestled with this today and I’ve concluded that I was wrong to continue down this path. While I disagree that the conversation is not on topic (the topic that Chuck introduced with this thread was the Alumni meeting of which Jay, according to Chuck’s account, stood out prominently), I do feel like I’ve made a grievous error in my particular way of participating in it. The politics of personal distraction is not the tactic we should be using to engage those on the other side of this issue.

              It’s the same kind of ad hominem arguments that we loathe to see the AFE and AFIE use and I’m sincerely sorry if I opened up that can of worms. It does nothing to further the cause of Christ and for that, I am truly apologetic.

              While I do not believe that we should ever roll over and surrender to the false premise that “love” (in the liberal, vague, meaningless sense) and personal individual kindness and appeal should make up for true devotion to the Gospel, I think the extreme attacks are also just as ineffectual.

              Daniel is right that dealing with the issues of Erskine is the proper approach. One more slight correction, though: I never cared if Erskine was the preeminent Christian liberal arts college in the south. I just wanted it to honor Christ in all it did and represented. Granted, that would probably transform it into just such an institution but it was the means not the end that concerned me.

            • Dear Mr. Daniel Stephens,

              I stand rebuked. Of course, you’re right!

              Chuck Wilson

  6. Jennifer West says:


    I see that you will not comment. Are you afraid of the truth like Chuck? Seriously, I am very disappointed in you. I know of countless, and I mean countless times, when you sought the advice of Jay. Jay gave you an unknown amount of time outside of Living Hope. I would have thought that you would have had the integrity of Sam Gray, who aprproached Jay at the alumni meeting to thank him for what he did for him while he was at Erskine. Are you bitter because you have a Christian Education degree and are working at Walgreens in the Charlotte area? You portray yourself as one who has witnessed him drink to excess. Have you? No, because he does not. He grew up in a family who drank wine with dinner. He refuses to be a hypocrit like RJ Gore who sits on his front porch, drinks, and smokes cigars.

    If this is your and Chuck’s idea of the Christian church, it is very sad!

    • Reiggin Hilderbrand says:

      Jennie, I’m sorry but your comment was not here when I was on the site the other day. If it was there and I missed it, I apologize as well.

      I debated on whether or not to respond this evening but in reading your insistence at a response, I felt I was obligated.

      I’m curious about your line of questioning. I never questioned whether or not Jay was bitter that he was no longer a minister in the ARP or failed in his race for political office. But I appreciate your obvious sincere concern for my career choices and I assure you that I’m quite happy in my career. I would have thought that Jay of all people would understand a career move from the sacred to the secular.

      You and Jay seem to be on a war path of your own. That breaks my heart. Sincerely. Spending your life seeking to tear down others all in the name of avenging a perceived injustice from some years back is only a sure path to bitterness and self loathing. It’s simply not productive. You can’t just continue on through life tearing apart everyone that you think deserves a good lashing or to be called out publicly or otherwise. And if that’s yours and Jay’s idea of the Christian church, then I find that much more sad than what you may see in Chuck or others. I don’t know what you have against RJ Gore but you’ve both made clear your anger and resentment towards those like Chuck, Daniel Wells, and several others. How you see that entire anger and resentment thing as Christ-like is beyond me.

      For what it’s worth, I was appreciative of the time that Jay West gave to students when he was on campus. But nostalgic appreciation doesn’t cover up the obvious issues that are at hand now. I am disappointed that Jay has chosen to be a war hawk and inflammatory figure in tearing down anyone that has crossed him wrongly. I would have honestly thought that the Jay West I knew during my days at Erskine would have been the kind to follow the heed of Romans 12:17ff and Ephesians 4:31.

      My previous apology for even broaching the topic still stands. As does my apology for going down the path of personal destruction. It may have been done in jest at first but it was obviously hurtful and I’m sorry for any hurt that it did indeed bear towards you or Jay or any of your family. Jay is not my enemy and I don’t want your or him to think so. In my disappointment for the way things have turned out, I lashed out in hate and that was wrong of me. I hope you and Jay can accept my apologies and I pray for all of us on every side of this issue of Erskine College and Christ’s Church.


  7. David Brainerd Pritt:. says:


    I get heart burn, and grieved in the spirit when I come to this page sometimes. I am always reminded first of Francis Schaeffers book “The Mark of a Christian”, where he deals with 2 passages from John on Christian Unity/Love and how that translates into a Gospel message that God sent Jesus into the World, and then he builds up to the “final apologetic” Where he says if we as Christians do not love each other, than the world will say that God did not send Christ as the gospel proclaims…

    With THAT PRELUDE as a backdrop, I ask myself all the time: ” Man are we —- man, am “I” , ..”missing the mark” and “falling short” in this regard?”

    I don’t know your beef with Jay. Perhaps if you set up a day where you could go golfing or even just grab a cup of coffee and get to know him. I remember him differently.

    Another person you’ve spoken ill of on here is Jay Hering. Look, I know Jay. I also know spiritually he is a good Christian. Jay discipled me as he could — but he was one of my hang out buddies in college (& there were others). Get to know him before you write about him.

    You have spoken negatively of Dr Ruble and Aldon Knight. These are good people. Dr Ruble did so much for the Seminary, and I think subsequently his influence rolled over to the college as well. Aldon was a quiet person in school. I never got to know him very well, but if I had one thing to define him and remember him for, it was that he showed us other younger men how to date a female properly and the way a Christian would, respecting distances, etc.. He was always a gentleman to her.

    So when I read what you write. It breaks my heart… It doesn’t capture the people who I know them to be. Before you discuss Jay’s spending habits last night, be like a real editor and offer him a chance to respond, or offer a comment. Otherwise this is just sharks circling on bloodlust.

    Tell me how wrong I am . Good night all.

    • Dear Mr. David Pritt,

      Thank you for your comments. I apologize for being slow to answer you. I was not at home yesterday, and I do not have a laptop (nor do I want one).

      I’m surprised to see you commenting again. I was afraid that my remarks about NOT diving into a pool of water headfirst when you did not know how deep the water was may have offended you. I’m happy that my words were not offensive to you. Once again, let me remind you that you do not want to dive headfirst into a pool of water unless you know how deep the water is. Below are my comments.

      1. I too am a fan of Francis Schaeffer. I have been reading him since the early 60s. I even had the opportunity to meet him at a conference in Atlanta. However, I think his book “Escape from Reason” probably best describes the situation with which we’re dealing. But you mentioned his words that Christians should “love one another,” so let me hasten to agree. He was quoting the words of the Bible. This also sets the stage for us to put the spotlight on the crux of the matter of this debate over Erskine.

      David, you are simply in error if you think this debate is about Christians loving one another. This debate is about two totally different conceptualizations of Christianity. On the one hand, there are those who affirm historic, evangelical Christianity; on the other hand, there are those who affirm an antinomian, deconstructed, and doctrineless form of “Christianity” that is nothing more than a secular paganism without the Cross and faithful Christian obedience in living. This is the heart of the conflict, and there can be no compromise between these two. For the Christian to attempt “peace” in this conflict is for the Christian to suffer the rebuke of Isaiah who said: “Woe to those who cry, ‘Peace, peace,” when there is no peace.” Indeed, you read the comments and participate on AFE and AFIE. The vast majority of these people have no idea what historic Christianity is. They can’t even define it.

      2. I stand rebuked over my comments regarding Jay West. Reiggin and I were having too much fun for decent folks. However, don’t act as though you don’t know what the conflict is. You have read his comments. Also, read what I write. I have invited West on ARPTalk MANY times. We have no ban on him. One other thing, one should own what one says in public when one chooses to speak about large sums of money.

      3. I knew Jay Hering when he was a member of the YPCU of the old Doraville ARP Church. I think that pre-dates your time in college when you knew him; however, I’m sure that you know more about him than I do. For the record, I have nothing personally against him. The issue is not whether he is or isn’t a “nice guy.” The questions are: (1) As a minister who has taken vows of ordination, did he raise his hand against his church by taking his church to civil court; and (2) Is that a violation of his ordination vows? Now, these questions have yet to be resolved by the ARP Church. Until they are, this division will continue.

      4. I have known Randy Ruble since 1972. I don’t have the same opinion of him as you do. Ask me a question. I will respond.

      5. I don’t know Aldon Knight very well. Actually, if I have met him, I don’t remember it. However, when we’re not debating, we are very civil to each other. I think we both understand the grounds of this conflict. Well, Aldon is very capable of speaking for himself, and I will leave it to him to respond if he likes.

      6. You write that I have not “captured” the people that you know. Well, I have captured the people that I know.

      7. You write: “Tell me how wrong I am.” Come on!! I’ll give you a pass on that one!

      David, if you’re really serious about these matters, I’m a phone call away. My phone number is 864-882-6337. I promise I will be gracious and kind. You see, I do regard you as a “brother.”


      Chuck Wilson

  8. R J Gore says:

    Earlier in the thread, one will find these words: “He refuses to be a hypocrit (sic) like RJ Gore who sits on his front porch, drinks, and smokes cigars.”

    No doubt, at one time or another, in one particular or another, I have been guilty of inconsistency in my walk with the Lord. For what it is worth, however, I don’t do ALL my drinking and smoking publicly on the front porch. Sometimes I hide inside my living room, fire up my pipe, and have a Heineken Dark or a couple of fingers of Famous Grouse. The cigars, though, are always burned outside. My wife will tolerate the pipe but draws a line on cigars. Cheers!

    • Daniel F. Wells says:

      I’m just surprised you don’t mind smoking cigars when you have a good pipe around. But, at least you have some standards.

      Although, Spurgeon would commend you on the cigar. Luther would tell you that you need to drink more. Those ungodly men have too much influence on you, sir.

      • Tim Phillips says:

        Careful with all the tobacco talk — you don’t know what kind of conclusions folks may draw. I remembering hearing of someone Reformed in the early 20th century (it may have been Machen) who once said that you could always tell the theological liberals from the theological conservatives because the liberals smoked cigarettes and the conservatives smoked cigars. But then Barth showed up, and he smoked a pipe …

    • Although Chesterton wasn’t “Reformed”, I have no doubt I shall meet his gregarious and bombastic self in Heaven. One of his famous quotes regarding Cigars

      “The Catholic Church is like a thick steak, a glass of red wine, and a good cigar.” – G.K. Chesterton

      Heineken? Might I reccommend a good Irish brew? Try a Room temperature Guiness. Its like a loaf of bread in a bottle. I do not get to partake of my Guiness a day plan as I take too many pills a day. But I know my beers from my European years, and I know that short of Having beer from Kreuzburg Monastery (rated top 5 world wide– secrret formula), I would prefer a Guiness over a Heinne Dark. (However, I do understand YOU may prefer the Latter over the Former. #Choice)

      Your Cigars.. have you had a chance to check out Finck Cigar company? They have some great deals. My humidor is getting rather low. See

      Excuse the interruption– Enjoy all

      Postscript: @TimPhillips Ok So let me see if I have this right
      Libs: Cigarettes
      Conser: Cigars
      Neo’s: Pipes

      (Umm Where does that leave the new breed like myself that dip snuff occasionally? ) Hmmmmmmmmmm

      • Tim Phillips says:

        Mr. Pritt,

        I knew a dear old lady once (in a previous pastorate) who was well over the age of 100. She was home bound, but I would visit her about once a month. I was told by an elder in the church that if I dropped by without announcing my visit in advance that I would see a tin can on the end table next to her sitting chair (I wouldn’t see it, though, if she knew I was stopping by). The tin can was her spitting can. Yes, she was a lifelong Presbyterian (as far as I know) and she dipped snuff. So there you go.

  9. David,

    You asked what to call the snuff dippers. It ain’t theological. It’s a state of mind and place and smells of crops and farm animals. I was raised there. Here’s the answer: REDNECKED BUBBA!

    Well, you asked, didn’t you!!??


  10. Jennifer West says:


    You write, “Erskine will never see any money out of Jay West! That you can take to the bank!”

    You are so right, as long as David Norman listens to you. It will not happen. Our attorney was smart enough to include a clause in our pledge that provided a release if Erskine traveled down roads we could not support.

    Furthermore, plenty of people stil call Jay, Lee Logan, and Bill Lesesne about giving. Believe me, it far greater than you can imagine.

    Let me state clearly that it is unfair of you to imply it is a “yo-yo” gift, when we clearly stated in the pledge we could not support the motives of the ARP Church.

    I will make bet with you, Chuck. I bet we have given more than you to Erskine, even if subtract 90% of our gifts.

    Can you really blame us for not giving due to the lies you, Daniel, Reiggin, Drew Carlisle and others have told about Jay? Pure defamation. You should be far more concerned about your sole than our giving. You know your history and the things you have done!

  11. Dear Mrs. Jennifer West,

    Thank you for your most entertaining comments.

    1. Where is Mr. West? Can’t he speak for himself? We have no ban on him.

    2. Good grief!! Do you really believe that President Norman listens to me? What are you drinking? May I suggest AA?!

    3. That infamous “pledge” of which you write was a part of the “Gold Campaign.” You write that it was CONDITIONED: that is, “we could not support the motives of the ARP Church.” The timeframe for this was about 1999/2000 (that is, twelve years ago) and long before any of the present unpleasantness. At that time, Mr. West was a member of both the Erskine administration and Second Presbytery. So, are you saying that even then Mr. West was disingenuous, duplicitous, and disloyal in his relationship to the ARP Church? Are you saying that even then Mr. West was toying with his ordination vows? Whether you realize it or not, you have just acknowledged that your husband is scoundrel! Indeed, the hypocrite that you accused another of being!

    4. You write that “people stil [sic] call Jay, Lee Logan, and Bill Lesesne about giving.” I’m very sure they do! I’m very sure that the queue of BOIs is long!

    5. Aren’t you a language/arts teacher in a middle school? I have been looking over your comments. Note the following: (1) In the context where you speak of Mr. West giving time, there is no such thing as “an unknown amount of time”; (2) “hypocrit” is spelled “hypocrite”; (3) By definition, a person who does something in public and makes no attempt to hide or deny his/her action/activity is NOT a hypocrite; (4) How does one support or not support “motives”? and (5) The word that you wanted was “soul” and not “sole.” Is there a reason that Johnny can’t read or write or spell?


    Chuck Wilson

  12. Karen Pritchard says:

    Mr. Wilson,
    May I ask why when you are challenged in the comments section you resort to implying that the person is a drunkard? I am referring to your comment to Jennifer West “What are you drinking? May I suggest AA?”. Do you not realize alcoholism is a serious problem and to indiscriminately accuse an individual of alcoholism is slanderous. Please ask yourself if this type of comment demonstrates the behaviors found in Galatians 5. You began this posting with a similar implication and agreed in the comments section (if I’ve read them correctly) that it was inappropriate. Yet here, once again, you return to a similar statement.

    Karen Pritchard

  13. Dear Ms. Karen Pritchard,

    Thank you for your Pecksniffian comment. You did it well.

    No, I haven’t written anything “slanderous.” Did I ridicule? Yes! Did I slander? No!

    You asked if I were aware of the serious nature of alcoholism. Oh, yes, indeed! More so than most! However, my sense of humor is not the least bit impeded by my knowledge.


    Chuck Wilson

    • Karen Pritchard says:

      Mr. Wilson,
      Slander is a malicious or false statement. You implied that Mrs. West was in need of Alcoholics Anonymous. That is indeed slanderous. Perhaps it does not meet the legal definition but it meets the common usage.

      I’m sorry but I’m unsure how my comment is hypocritical or feigned. I realize you believe you are being humorous in a sarcastic fashion. It does not translate well. This is particularly true when in one area you accuse a person of public drunkenness and then later imply someone is in need of AA.

      I honestly find little of your comments to display characteristics of Christ like behavior. It pains me to read comments by someone professing to be a Christian behaving in such a manner. And now you accuse me of a form of falsehood as well.

      I have been praying for you that Christ would transform your spirit. It is one thing to be passionate in your beliefs; another entirely to make snide, mean-spirited, and either outright or bordering on slanderous comments. Please look to Ephesians 4 for how to speak or respond to those with whom you disagree. If those who oppose you anger you do not respond with incivility. Surely you can see that the love of Christ should temper our tongues.

      Karen Pritchard

      • Dear Ms. Karen Pritchard,

        Thank you for your comments.

        BTW, it has just struck me that I don’t you. I have inquired of a number of people who know people, and they don’t seem to know a “Karen Pritchard.” You seem to be a mystery lady.

        In the past, we have had a number of people use false identities. And, as you know, that’s simply not good form.

        I’m sure “Karen Pritchard” is your real identify; however, as I said, we have been hit with a number of false posters. I’m sure you don’t mind helping in this matter. Tell us a little about yourself.

        So that you understand clearly: I’m not going to carry on conversations with someone who hides behind a false identify.


        Chuck Wilson

        • Karen Pritchard says:

          I’m a graduate of Erskine College. But I am not a person known to “people who know people”. I’m not even sure I would want to be known to “people who know people”! I had a wonderful experience at Erskine College. It was a time of great learning and more importantly a time where my faith could be strengthened.

          If you want to talk with me, please send me an email (you site requires one). It is an email address that I check once or twice a week. I make it a point not to use my regular email address on websites that request them in case they end up being used for advertising or hacked for spam.

          I’ve looked through that email inbox and you haven’t attempted to contact me directly. Wouldn’t that have been simpler than talking to “people who know people”. Sorry but that phrase is just too funny.

          • Dear Ms. Karen Pritchard,

            Well, thank you for responding back. It took a while, didn’t it?

            Indeed, you are an Erskine grad. I’m delighted that your experience was positive.

            I’m also delighted to know that my expression “people who know people” gave you a smile. Don’t make too much of it. It’s simply a metaphor for the search process.

            FYI, I have sent you an email. I believe “pcolarunnergirl” is the address. Indeed, it’s a valid address. Didn’t you notice the little word “test”?

            Sorry, but I don’t have a driving need to communicate with you. You were the one who engaged me. BTW, if you want to communicate with me privately, my e-mail address is plastered all over ARPTalk from stem-to-stern. Nevertheless, here it is:

            One more point. I notice that you haven’t addressed anything in the article of this thread.


            Chuck Wilson

            • Karen Pritchard says:

              Yes – it took me a while to answer, I am not a person wedded to the internet.

              I’m sorry but I’ve just searched back through that email account and see no email from you even when specifically searching for “test” in the subject line.

              I know that you don’t need or probably want to communicate with me in that I am being critical of your blogging behavior. You did not engage me directly but via this forum you have engaged the public and I have responded in kind.

              As a Christian it pains me to see someone professing a belief in Christ and yet behaving in a way so contrary to the teachings of the Bible. As I said, I will continue to pray for you. That I believe is one thing we can all agreed on – prayer is the manna that sustains our souls.

              • Dear Ms. Karen Pritchard,

                On the one hand, you respond slowly, and, then, on the other hand, you respond so quickly. Which is it, girlfriend? Are you playing coy with me? You must want to engage me in conversation after all!

                Go to 11/2/11, and you should find a copy of the e-mail I sent you. When we are suspicious that someone is attempting to make anonymous comments, we send that person an e-mail to find out if the address that has been given is legitimate. I have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of my e-mail to you. I don’t want you to think that I’m lying to you.

                Now, the fact that the editor of ARPTalk is not “nice,” is not something new to anyone. The Editor of ARPTalk is provocative. The Editor has had enough of the ARP culture of niceness that has permitted outrageous infidelity at Erskine and in the church. BTW, if you don’t like what I say or how I say it, you don’t have to post on ARPTalk.

                The issue is not whether I’m provocative or not. The issue – the major reason that ARPTalk exists – is to be a voice crying out against the unfaithfulness of multiple administrations and administrators at Erskine College and Seminary who have both sought to thwart and refused to embrace and implement the Christian faith, mission, and purpose that they vowed to uphold when they were hired. At stake is not whether I’m nice or not but whether I have spoken the truth regarding the things I have reported. No one has been able to demonstrate that I have misrepresented the truth. The fact remains that highhanded infidelity and unfaithfulness have been the order of the day at Erskine for the past 40 years.

                You say that as a Christian you are pained that I’m not nice. Well, that’s nothing but sentimental and sanctimonious nonsense. The unfaithfulness of Erskine C&S as a Christian institution is well documented. That the college and seminary have been at odds with the evangelical faith of the ARP Church is a long story of woe. This has even been celebrated by some in Due West. It has even been pointed out that recruiters at the college have practiced “bait-and-switch” when they have represented the school as “Christian” to prospective students who were evangelical Christians. Of a truth, in the last 40 years, EC&S has not been an incubator for Christian discipleship; rather, the school has been a breeding ground for attacks on and ridicule of and denial of and the dumbing down of Christian verities and the propagating of infidelity. If the Facebook alums are an indicator of what an Erskine grad is, an Erskine grad is not only not a friend of the evangelical Christian faith but a person who has no idea what the evangelical Christian faith is. Are there exceptions? Of course! However, as a general rule, my observation stands on the basis of the testimonies of Erskine grads on AFE and AFIE. Now then, where is your outrage against this? Are you straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel? What does a camel taste like?


                Chuck Wilson

  14. Harris Murray says:

    RE: A young lady named Tobe Frierson, an Erskine employee who works in recruiting and who was also a part of Mr. Ferguson’s team that evening, explained the merits of the consultant. She noted that the “old” system was “broken” and that this arrangement was working very well.

    By golly gee, the old system worked for years. Erskine alumni gave and gave and gave……recommended Erskine to young people……were the source of many a new student.

    Today, I am one alumna who has discontinued giving and is discouraging young people from attending Erskine. The old system is not working because of the destructive forces undermining the Erskine College I knew and loved. It is a sad day for an institution that has produced thousands of deeply committed Christians who are at work in their respective churches…….they are not totally reformed, but always in the process of growing in Christ.

    As far as the EC Foundation, there would be no need for such an organization were it not for the acts that caused it to come in to existence.

    Harris Murray
    Class of 1977

  15. Harris Murray says:

    Mr. Wilson, I find it interesting that one day my comment was on ARPTalk and now I cannot find it.

    Harris Murray (Murray is my married name)
    Class of 1977


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