Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend!


Dear Readers of ARPTalk,

This e-mail edition of ARPTalk is in response to an e-mail from a Christian sister and a phone call from a Christian brother.

As you are aware, both ARPTalk and the Editor have never been shy about speaking clearly and boldly to all issues relevant to the health and well-being of the ARP Church. In fact, that is precisely why ARPTalk exists: to promote the well-being of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church! This is clearly stated in all ARPTalk documents.

The Editor is aware that in our exceedingly “nice” ARP culture that sometimes his bold speech and manner are probably offensive to some. Prophetic speech is often misunderstood. Indeed, there have been occasions when his passion and zeal for the well-being of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and the integrity of our evangelical and Reformed Christian faith have produced both heat and light. However, the Reader may be confident that everything that the Editor has reported has been accurate, and, on the rare occasions, when a mistake in reporting has occurred, a correction has always followed quickly.

In point of fact, the Editor has apologized when he realized that he had crossed a line in dealing with an individual or two. In pondering this, the Editor wants to remind the Readers of ARPTalk that, as a faithful presbyter and member of Second Presbytery of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, he has always been open and willing to repent when convinced by the Scriptures that he has erred. That is what all faithful presbyters do! That is what all faithful Christians do! Should a Christian or presbyter not be willing to repent when it is clearly demonstrated to him that he is in sinful error according to the Scriptures, there is a serious problem.

These are my thoughts,

Charles W. Wilson


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  1. Mark Davidson says:


    Thank you for being willing to speak out against evil, for being consistent, for being faithful to the calling you have, and for reminding me of the duty I have to follow my Lord & Savior.

    Please know that many of us face fiery darts that seem to be on the increase … from many adversaries… and from many directions. The evil one has already lost & is writhing in his fallen state, attempting to lash out at the Creator who sent His only Son to die for our sins.

    Sometimes we get “tired” and maybe don’t send (back) encouraging words (enough) that would provide you with a sense of support/etc. In this area I am falling short, simply because I read your words and am often encouraged by the challenge you put forth — and while I do not attempt to disrupt your speaking out, I do not say thank you enough or provide Christian feedback.

    The Christian army is the only one that kills its wounded.
    Please don’t stop lifting high the banner — remember that Gideon started out with many questions and many scared footsoldiers… and with only a few, raised his voice and held up a lantern, shining a Light on a dark world — and God brought forth the victory.

    I’m grateful that God blessed you into my pathway.
    Be encouraged, my brother.
    Fight on — follow the leading of the Holy Spirit — turn a deaf ear to the Sanballat’s who are “not on your team.”


  2. gary r freeze says:

    chuck: im sorry i was so angry. it was a very unchristian thing. i do believe that you were to harsh on her and your attacks on people i have found to be role models does rankle me. however, i spoke without charity and regret it. i too was very unbonclarken. gary

  3. Dear Mr. Gary Freeze,

    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. Of course, I forgive you. I even respect you for standing up for a former student if you thought he was under attack. Once again, I was of the opinion that Kevin and I were having a very civil and respectful conversation. If he was offended, I’m not aware of it. When I spoke with him Thursday evening at the alums’ meeting in Anderson, SC, he didn’t seem upset with me. I asked him why he hadn’t responded and he said that he was very busy with his job. In fact, I look forward to continuing that conversation if wishes. I’m always open to a conversation like that.

    BTW, my skin is thick. To be as provocative as I am, you can’t be offended easily.

    I don’ know exactly who “her” is. I think you mean “Sue Clayton.” I didn’t realize I was harsh with her. In fact, as I read her words, I agreed with her! You may have seen something there that I didn’t write.

    Once again, Gary, thank you.


    Chuck Wilson


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