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The FAR OUT Crowd


Other than the photograph, there is NOTHING beautiful about this issue of ARPTalk. It is about as FAR OUT as one can get in the realms of the bizarre and surreal without going through the Looking Glass and having mercury and lead laced tea with the Mad Hatter at the cotillion of the evil and insane Queen of Hearts. Reading the comments posted is something like eating a Lay’s potato chip: “Bet you can’t eat just one! Indeed, the Editor challenges the reader to look at the third part of the issue and read just one post and stop.

Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend!


The Editor is aware that in our exceedingly “nice” ARP culture that sometimes his bold speech and manner are probably offensive to some. Indeed, there have been occasions when his passion and zeal for the well-being of the ARP Church have produced both heat and light. However, the Reader may be confident that…

Turn the Page


It is time now to TURN THE PAGE on the “Bill Crenshaw Era” at Erskine. The last chapter of this story has been written. The Faculty Executive Committee is satisfied that the College followed the procedures for dismissal as outlined in the College Faculty Manual and that Dr. Crenshaw’s procedural rights have not been violated.

Crenshaw – FIRED!!!


Herein is a copy of an e-mail that Bill Crenshaw posted on the AFE site today, as well as the “closed” AFIE site. The post is a copy of an e-mail letter that was sent to President David Norman from the AAUP. President Norman is a man of courage and integrity. We should stand with him! Indeed, God help us to stand with him!

Crenshaw Is GONE!


A tip of the hat is due President David Norman of Erskine College and Seminary. The story coming out of Due West. SC, is scant and cryptic; however, the news is that Dr. Norman has done what four other Erskine Presidents were unable or unwilling to do: he has disciplined Dr. Bill Crenshaw and suspended him from his teaching position.