Another Day in the Life of the FaceBook Alums


Dear Readers of ARP Talk,

A number of people have suggested that the comment below, previously published as a comment under the article A Vision for Erskine as Articulated by the Erskine Facebook Participants be posted as an article. After discussion with the ARPTalk team, I am turning my comments into a post.


Chuck Wilson


Ms. Stacy Hall wrote a very nasty and demeaning letter to President Norman. President Norman responded with a blunt but respectful letter to Hall. The interesting thing about President Norman’s response is that he didn’t say anything to her that he hasn’t said in public to General Synod, to the BOT, and, yes, to me. However, Ms. Hall is a delicate flower! The BOIs (‘bunch of idiots”) must also be delicate flowers! They seem to be able to give; however, THEY CAN’T TAKE!!

As you read the comments below, it will be helpful to remember that Stacy Hall, Cecelia Hall Dunleavy, and Nancy Hall Gautier are sisters, and, I’m sure, there are others who are their cousins in this cauldron of sensitive feelings and brain dribble. Well, I suppose we now have both the three witches of Due West (TWODW) and the BOIs on the alums Facebook site.

It’s beginning to look like a Due West family reunion! I wonder if Mary Lou Holmes will join in and introduce us to the family connections.

Well, whatever the family relations, it now seems that the BOIs and TWODW want a vote of “No Confidence” in President Norman from the alums.


Chuck Wilson


Another Day In the Life of the FaceBook Alums

[The letter below: from Stacy Hall to President Norman]

My letter – sorry for the length:

Dear Dr. Norman,

I am an alumna of Erskine. As are many others, I have been alarmed at what has been going on the last several years. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt to see if you could act as a filter between the people who wish to bring sudden, radical and potentially damaging change to Erskine and the Institution and its heritage. Sadly, it has become apparent that you are not. That’s what the leader of an institution does – work to balance the long-lived heritage of the institution with the whims of short-lived individuals or parts of an institution whose goals and wants will pass on with them. If a leader works to protect the heritage while implementing such goals that help the institution to grow and prosper, his legacy becomes legend. If the leader allows undue small, narrow, divisive and short-lived influence to destroy that heritage and the institution, his legacy becomes nothing, or worse.

I understand that there are clear leadership differences between your generation and mine. Adult boomers have been known for respecting their elders, listening to advice, thinking a decision through thoroughly before implementing it (not so much as adolescents, but as adults). 30-somethings do not do those things, according to research. They have grown up with video games, where if you make decisions that result in catastrophe, you just “do-over”. So for 30-somethings, I understand, the trend is make snap decisions without considering the consequences, and deal with the consequences when they come up. You have removed any number of loyal Erskine employees, whether through your direct action or through concurrence, employees who have nurtured both the institution and its legacy – the students and resulting alumni. The consequence is dire. Beloved professors with inspiring legacies, were they to apply to work at Erskine now, would be denied in the interest of, apparently, eliminating diversity of thought among staff. Elimination of diversity of thought of staff has a likely fallout of eliminating diversity of thought of students. What a shame.

It is also a trait of your generation to surround yourself with those who will simply agree. It may be wise to seek the advice of those who disagree with you. Of course, you didn’t ask for my advice, but I am giving it to you, anyway. I disagree with you, so take or leave my advice as you will. I can’t be “fired” from being an alumna, fortunately.

The alumni have been “dismissed” by some of the folks that want to see Erskine’s legacy go by the way. I believe that’s a mistake. Look at alumni contributions, last year to this year, your first. Look at the names, look at the amounts, be aware of the trend that is shaping up. Alumni dearly love Erskine, and that has been obvious in the past. However, they will not love an Erskine that has been allowed to be destroyed, because that will no longer be Erskine.

Erskine is a wonderful legacy. I hope that you have read or heard of it, and not as a history, but as a living legacy. I can hope that Erskine is a strong enough legacy to recover from the damage of a small number of people who really don’t care about that legacy, but if there is no-one in leadership to filter those narrow goals, to temper them to preserve the legacy, heaven help her. I still have hope that you could be that leader, but it is a diminishing hope. And it may be wise to remember that if one is the pawn of others, it is not the same as being the king. Pawns are dispensable, once they’ve set the strategy in motion.

I do not expect to hear back from you, as that is also, in my experience, a trait of 30-something leaders. And I understand you may have too much correspondence to deal with in a timely manner, at any rate.


Stacy Hall


Mary Elizabeth Todd: Very well said.


Jim Moore: An excellent letter!

Carrie Ann Shriver: Way to go!

Cecelia Hall Dunleavy: Wonderfully stated!

John Randolph Harrison: Beautifully written Stacy.

Becky Lauderdale: Thanks again, Stacy, for taking the time to write this excellent letter and sharing with us, too!

Stacy Hall: I got a reply:

Stacy Hall:

Wow. How kind of you to write.

I was never much of a video game fan, but it seems you have decided that you have seen enough on the Internet to know the real me, so anything I could say now [to] correct you would just sound dishonest.

I hope, in time, your opinion may change, but please know that I will do what I believe is right whether you or anyone else agree.

I love Erskine, and believe I can help move her beyond the fits of Blog-induced psychosis with which she has suffered these past few years. But if not, I know God will provide for my family another way. Until you are able to run me off, however, please know that I will be doing all I can for the good of your alma mater.

Hope you are having a restful Sunday afternoon.

David Norman

Mary Elizabeth Todd: Boy the tone in that one was way different from the tone in mine. He has got p&^%ed.

P. Mark Wilson: Dear David, WE did not start this fire.

John Randolph Harrison: WOW!!!!!!! Thats harsh.

Becky Lauderdale: Obviously intends to keep doing what he’s been doing – ridding the college of good quality people and curricula, and he has no use for us..

Gary Bordogna: WOW-A letter like that to an alum!

Nancy Hall Gautier: Good to know that he and his family will be fine once Erskine goes under.


Nancy Hall Gautier: Anyone else get a similar response?

Ann Clarke Judd: Unusual tone from a chief executive particularly when it might be shared with a wider audience.

John Randolph Harrison: He would have been better off keeping those comments to himself. Guess we are getting the other side of the coin now.

Ann Clarke Judd: Probably not quite enough experience at the executive level to understand the ramifications of this type of response.

Becky Lauderdale: What an opening: “Wow. How kind of you to write.”

Rick Beard: this is not good. I don’t understand why the EC Foundation is tip toeing around this situation. They are afraid they are going to make someone upset? Come on!

Ann Clarke Judd: This is an example of the flippant and churlish behavior that the staff deal with on a daily basis.

Gary Bordogna: Rick: It’s usually best to respond after 24 hours or so. That way emotions have died down and you address the issues.

Mary Elizabeth Todd: I have been debating showing my response- I took a religious direction with him- in that pointed out that just because a person does not sign said statement it does not mean that they do not believe in inerrancy- in fact they may have a problem stating the Bible as being inerrant simply because only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are that. I also pointed out matt 7:1-2-which has the Judge not lest you Judged and goes on to say in the second verse that how you judge you will be judged measure for measure- and that by signing that statement they are passing judgement on their fellow Christians who believe differently and therefore can not do it for ethical reasons. I spoke to him about there are two things that drive us- Power and love- If Power rules you become ruthless- and if love rules- you no longer need power- I asked him was he motivated by power or by love. I told him that I did not need answers to this but he needed to examine his heart to determine which kind of man he was- this is a rough summary of what I sent.

Gary Bordogna: Somewhere Dr. Bill Crenshaw is laughing.

Jim Moore: The only two Erskine presidents I ever had a conversation with were Dr. Stan Bell and Dr. Randy Ruble. I thought a lot of Dr. Bell, and hold Dr. Ruble in equal esteem. In my opinion, they would never even consider communicating like this to anyone, let alone an alumni.

I did notice that Dr. Norman disputed absolutely nothing that Stacy stated.

Ann Clarke Judd: That response does not exactly make alumni want to write a big check to the Annual Fund.

Stacy Hall: Or even a miniscule one.

Ann Clarke Judd: And doesn’t help validate the message we received from Nan, the BOT chair, and the Moderator today.

John Randolph Harrison: You took the words out of my mouth Ann. Glad I gave my last check to help save Philo Hall.

P. Mark Wilson: Instead of assuring us that things would settle down and that he saw a great future for Erskine, he fanned the flames and actually said “until you are able to run me off”. Does he mean like he ran off Woody, Cory and others? If you have any connection to the school, you are no longer welcome. If you love Erskine then you are an impediment to the changes they want. He cleaned out the entire admissions department and hired an outside firm to recruit the students they desire. Hmmm let’s see, why on earth would we be suspicious of him?

Nancy Hall Gautier: I am always telling my kids to not put things in writing that they would not like to be posted for everyone to read. Seems like some thirty somethings have not learned that lesson.

Jim Moore: I suggested this before the last alumni association meeting, and will suggest it again. I think it’s time to consider a vote of no confidence in Dr. Norman.[Ed. emphasis] Hopefully, a measure such as this will help communicate to those alumni not aware of what is going on in Due West to start paying attention. Loyalty is a two-way street. If Dr. Norman chooses to talk to alums the way he spoke to (not with) Stacy, I don’t see how we can honestly place any confidence in him.

Whitney Tillman Marcengill: I think I am going to be sick after reading Norman’s response. Are they drinking the koolaid over there?!!

Stacy Hall: I totally agree, Jim. Who can tell us how to go about lodging such a vote of no confidence? It’s a bit tricky, from my understanding.

Jim Moore: If Robert’s Rules or Order are followed, I would think that any alum can be asked to be placed on the agenda. I imagine that Nan Campbell could give you the details. It is, after all, OUR association!

Stacy Hall: I agree, Whitney. What adult responds to a serious letter from their mobile device, where you cannot see and reflect on the entire text?

Stacy Hall: Jim, am corresponding with ACJ, we’ll see what happens.

Jim Moore: Stacy, I really believe that all it takes is a motion, and a vote. Anything over 50% carries.

Whitney Tillman: Marcengill I hear you, Stacy!

Jim Moore: Stacy, I think you should be the one to make the motion, and Whitney second it.

Cecelia Hall Dunleavy: His response is just bizarre. If he thought Stacy’s assessment of him was wrong, that is his prerogative. However, as a president of a college, you have to show diplomacy at all times, ESPECIALLY, when you are putting things in writing. And to make statements like “I will do what I think is right no matter whether you or anyone else agrees” indicates that he has a huge ego with a “my way or the highway” mentality. This letter alone demonstrates poor leadership qualities. Stacy, your letter was very good and obviously touched a nerve. His letter makes him sound a bit paranoid too, with “blog-induced psychosis ” and “until you run me off”. Well, I must say that my opinion of him has changed in time, but not for the better. I actually initially wanted to give him time to prove himself. Silly me.

John Randolph Harrison: He made a couple of strange comments a few months ago on the other site from his IPAD while out of town. It was late and only a few people saw them. He deleted them almost instantly and changed the whole content. Makes you wonder.

Jim Moore: Cecelia, I actually was pulling for the guy too, until he started letting so many employees go. People don’t treat people like that.

Gary Bordogna: Stacy, Jim, and others. IMHO, if you are going to follow the “no confidence” route, you first need to meet with Dr. Norman. If he doesn’t answer your questions, or refuses to meet with you, then proceed. Otherwise, it looks the same to me as when Dr. Norman got rid of Dr. Gid as Dean without even an interview.

Folks who know me know that I’m usually not one to proceed with caution, but IMHO this is the best way to do it to be taken seriously.

Don’t beat me up too bad over this!

Rick Beard: do you have a fever or something tonight Gary?

Jim Moore: If Dr. Norman is to meet with any alumni, it should be those duly elected to represent the association, in my opinion.

John Randolph: Harrison ‎Gary, David Dangerfield and others have had a number of meetings and conversations with him. I think Dr. D has also.

Stacy Hall: Yes, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, myself. No more. Jim,Gary, f I could make such a motion from such a distance, I would. I think it’s an “in-person” action, isn’t it?

Gary Bordogna: No Rick I’m fine. Believe me, I’m not in Dr. Norman’s corner, but I taught for 30 years and it is best to follow certain procedures if you want to remove an administrator and avoid a law suit.

Jim Moore: Stacy, Robert’s Rules of Order have been amended many times in order to utilize technology. I believe that as long as any alum is offered the opportunity to monitor via skype, cellular telephone, or what have you, there is no problem. Still, I would run this by Nan.

Gary Bordogna: Why don’t a group of us ask to meet with Dr. Norman. It doesn’t have to be the Alumni board as frankly, I think a better cross section of alums are here. If he refuses to meet, or if the group doesn’t like his answers, then proceed.

Gary Bordogna: Gee, no likes about my comments?

Nancy Hall Gautier: So ,Gary are you going to do it and hook those of us to far away up with a Skype feed? I would do that. I just can’t necessarily be there in person. Of course, if he finds out I am Stacy’s sister, he might not let me participate. :)

Gary Bordogna: Nancy: I type with two fingers and my son has to fix any computer problems I have. We need a younger (and smarter) alum to handle IT.

Jim Moore: I think that the college should provide the skype for any meeting with Dr. Norman, and at the alumni association meeting

Nancy Hall Gautier: Gary no one in my family fits that description. I am the youngest and I am well past young.

Nancy Hall Gautier: I have it on computer and I do know how to use it…..more or less.

Mary Elizabeth Todd: Gary- David Tabor courted Doreen using Skype when he was in Germany.

Rick Beard: Skype is very cool

Mary Elizabeth Todd: Can you image David Tabor going into the president’s office and setting all of this up. Somehow that is funny to me

Gary Bordogna: I doubt seriously if Dr. Norman will agree to Skype. I think that well respected people in the Erskine community, like Rick, whose family ties to EC go several back generations, and well respected people (mostly) outside the Erskine community like Jim, who held elected office, and is on several community boards would be great folks to ask questions of Dr. Norman.

Rick Beard: We are checking out the billboard option. The politically correct route seems to be going way to slow.

Nancy Hall Gautier: I agree Rick. We have been way too nice. Where has that left Erskine? The most telling thing to me in his comment is that however it turns out he will be fine.

Rick Beard: we have tried for over 30 years to get help with Philo Hall.

Mary Elizabeth Todd: Yeah- I like the old embarrass them route of the billboards because they cannot hide it anymore.

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  1. Rick Beard says:

    Mr. Wilson,

    I do not appreciate your posting a conversation from a closed group on Facebook here. My comments were meant for that group and that group only. I ask that you remove any statements that bear my name from your website.

    Thank you,

    Rick Beard

  2. Mary Elizabeth Todd says:

    Dear Chuck Wilson,

    Let me put this to you as plain so that you do not misunderstand what I am saying. Remove my name and my quotes- I made them on a face book board that you are not a member. I have not friended you on any site at any time nor do I intend to do so. I expect these to be removed by the end of today. Do not ever post anything that I have written on any site without getting written permission from me. Also as soon as reading this immediately delete my email address from your database.

    Ever in Christ’s love,

    Mary Elizabeth Todd

  3. Whitney Tilman Marcengill says:

    First of all, one of those witches was my Erskine roomate and a witch, she is NOT! Secondly, I have watched the ARP denomination I was born into and loved my whole life dissolve into a fundamentalist whole. I would not send my children NOR my money to Erskine. I watched the Greenwood ARP dissovle into a pit of nothingness. I am now a Methodist because of what happened at the Greenwood ARP Church. The ARP I grew up in was loving and kind. My father gave money to an ARP mission in Mexico and had his name on a cabin and I never knew about that until he passed away. That was the ARP I knew and loved. This new ARP is condeming, judgemental and NOTHING I want to be a part of. Especially when you call my roommate and friend and her sisters witches. Who are you to JUDGE others?

  4. Reiggin says:

    People get very angry when what they have done and said in darkness is brought into light.

    If you are ashamed of what you have said in that “closed” group, then you should never have said it at all. The internet is not private and never has been.

  5. Daniel Stephens says:

    If I understand correctly, these comments came from a discussion that started when personal emails were shared with a wider audience. Now the authors are mad that these comments are shared with a wider audience?

    That makes perfect sense. I’ll stop being a fundamentalist taliban now because of such stunning consistency.

    Chuck, how dare you post these comments. How dare you put them in a place where people may disagree with them! What sort of closed-minded bigot are you? I hate your guts and never want to talk to you again.

    ever in Christ’s love,

  6. Daniel Stephens says:

    If I understand correctly, these comments came from a discussion that started when personal emails were shared with a wider audience. Now the authors are mad that these comments are shared with a wider audience?

    That makes perfect sense. I’ll stop being a fundamentalist taliban now because of such stunning consistency.

    Chuck, how dare you post these comments. How dare you put them in a place where people may disagree with them! What sort of closed-minded bigot are you? I hate your guts and never want to talk to you again.

    ever in Christ’s love,

  7. Dear Mr. Rick Beard, Ms. Mary Elizabeth Todd, and Ms. Whitney Tilman Marcengill,

    My goodness, girls, my goodness! What have you been eating to get you in such a tizzy and such a bilious mood?

    First of all, let me instruct you regarding posts on this blog. You have been communicating with a computer program. When you make a comment, you have to “left click” “Submit” and then an email is automatically sent to you asking you to validate your email address and post. If you don’t do that, your comments are held in the “comment tray,” and found whenever the site administrator gets around to cleaning the site. So, your comments were not found until this morning. Sorry for the delay.

    I am not the site administrator. ARPTalk is a “team.” If you want to send me a personal note, use my email. My email is found on the site in a number of places. For your convenience, here it is again: FYI, I don’t do private emails; only letters. In case you don’t understand: I do not hold emails in confidence!

    I was speaking with a friend this morning who informed me that you girls were excited over my “three witches of Due West” analogy. I thought I would let you know where I got the inspiration: Google “graeae sisters” (pronounced “gray”). They were the three witches from Greek mythology who shared one eye. Did Bill Crenshaw teach you about Greek mythology? If not, I’m glad to be able to expand the boundaries of your education.

    BTW, sweet Stacy Hall demeaned and ripped into David Norman like a hyena (another word taken from the Greek, girls) tearing into her prey, and you girls applauded and cheered her loathsomeness as a word from God. Oh, and wasn’t that a “private” email to David Norman? Now, you have reservations that your words are made public? Stacy had no problem revealing both her “private” email and David Norman’s “private” emial to her to the world of online – and I feel sure that she didn’t make it clear to David Norman that there was “no expectation of privacy” with her. Could it be true that you dish it out but can’t take it??? Indeed, what delicate flowers you are!!! And what an aroma that exudes from your blossoms!!!

    Well, sensitive girls, the muse is upon me, and I must compose my lines.

    Don’t whine if your lines are not so fine
    You have opined online
    Be at peace with your piece
    Yea, it’s time to own those lines

    In case you don’t know it: there is no expectation of privacy on Facebook. Did you read the “fine print?”

    Oh, and I almost forgot: MET: good to hear from you, girl friend! You wrote on AFE that I might be sorry that I took on Bill Crenshaw. Well, I’m not. His silence is so loud! Do you know what happened to him? I’m so worried!!!


    Chuck Wilson

  8. Dear Reiggin and Daniel,

    When you’re right, you are so right!

    Do you think I offended ME? I was going to ask her to dance with me at the Alumni Dance.


    Chuck Wilson

  9. Bill Crenshaw says:

    >sound of crickets<

  10. Dear Bill Crenshaw,

    Goodness, goodness, goodness me, Bill! Is that you? I have been trying for weeks to get you to come on ARPTalk and chat with me for a spell. Is “sound of crickets” all that you are allowed to say? Surely, you can say more, can’t you?

    Say, Bill, are you still saying that David Norman lied to you? What have you done with that tape recorder and the tape on which you have alleged that you have David Norman lying to you? Want to elaborate a bit?

    And, lest I forget, why are you NOT teaching this semester at Erskine? While you’re speaking, want to speak to that?

    Bill, don’t get angry! Before you let that temper make you too bold, you might want to check with your attorney. I hear that attorneys don’t take it well when a client doesn’t take advice.


    Chuck Wilson

  11. Bill Crenshaw says:

    >sound of fewer, mostly bored, crickets<

  12. Dear Bill Crenshaw,

    You’re so right! I know what it means. Indeed, that sound is so symbolic of one who is alone and lonely and lost in the deep forest! I feel sorry for you. You’re like an old dog that is lost in that forest and can’t find his way back home. Bless your heart, you can no longer bark and howl. Pity! No one really cares.

    BTW, your cryptic responses simply reveal the extent of your emasculation! Bless your heart, that’s got to hurt!


    Chuck Wilson

  13. Bill Crenshaw says:

    >silence, absolute and pure, space deep<

  14. Dear Bill Crenshaw,

    Indeed, Bill! Silence is golden for you. You open your mouth and it’s going to cost you a lot of money. A word of advice: I wouldn’t play this game with me. I know that lawyers are watching.

    Well, it’s been short and fun. Have a good evening. I’m about ready for bed. If you post again, I’ll see you tomorrow.


    Chuck Wilson

  15. Dear Bill Crenshaw,

    Well, silence is the path of security, isn’t it?

    Sad, it seems that a child of the 60s would have taken on the establishment – “the man”!

    It’s not to be!

    ME, what you got to say now?


    Chuck Wilson

  16. Dear Readers of ARPTalk,

    Below is another letter that was sent to President Norman and posted on the “Alumni for Erskine” Facebook site. Ruth Anne Foote has lost her mind. She recommends to President Norman a book by Robert M. Price. Robert M. Price considers himself to be a “Christian atheist.” What on earth could Robert M. Price write that would be helpful to the President of an evangelical Christian college? Robert M. Price is no friend of the Chrsitian faith!


    Chuck Wilson

    Ruth Anne Foote

    Here is my e-mail to Dr. Norman:

    Dear Dr. Norman:
    I am writing to express my dismay at current policies at Erskine College that state that new faculty must be Christian, that they must sign statements declaring themselves to be evangelicals who agree with recently developed and very divisive statements about what it means to be evangelical, and that you have been designated to enforce those standards.
    Dr. Crenshaw, [Freudian slip that should read: “Dr. Norman”] I believe you will be acting above your pay grade if you begin to try to sort Christians from non Christians, even just for employment purposes. It is my understanding that people of the reformed faith recognize that those judgments belong to God, not to college presidents, synods, or any of the rest of us mortals. Further sorting by evangelical and non-evangelical Christians, then by evangelicals who believe a specific, recently constructed statement about inerrancy of the Scriptures, sends Erskine down a path than can only lead to a sorry end…as more and more demands for enforcing orthodoxy emerge. I am confident that you have studied enough Church history to be able to identify other examples of that dynamic. This particular whomped-up controversy is most carefully examined in a book I recommend to you: Inerrant the Wind: The Evangelical Crisis in Biblical Authority by Robert M. Price

  17. Dear Readers of ARP Talk,

    Below is a “comment” taken from the “Alumni for Erskine” Facebook site by Mr. Jim Moore. Mr. Moore equates the present administration to the KKK.

    He speaks of “hate speech” by the Erskine administration; however, he conveniently doesn’t give an example. The only “hate speech” that I see is coming from Mr. Moore.

    Have I missed something?


    Chuck Wilson

    Jim Moore
    Whitney, over the years, I have had to attend (professionally) many more KKK rallies than I wanted to. The visceral hate (a word I really try not to use) that the Klan attempts to spread reminds me so much of the venom that is spreading around Erskine now like the plague. I really hold this new regime at Erskine in lower contempt than I do the Klan, because they should know better. In summation, both of these “organizations” are below contempt, and should be eliminated from the face of the earth. I have less than no tolerance for such as either of these groups.

  18. Dear Readers of ARPTalk,

    Below is a post that adds to the expanding vision of the Erskine FB participants. This post is by David Dangerfield and is on the “Alumni for Erskine” FB site. David and David Danehower are the two administrators of the site. It seems that David Dangerfield is the one who does most of the heavy lifting.

    The post is very galling. The following is my reply to him.


    Chuck Wilson


    Dear David,

    1. Your post is nothing more that emotive nonsense and self-promotion. Good grief!

    2. Where on earth do you get this sense of entitlement that you have? When you attended EC the discount rate was about $17,000 plus the SC money plus the scholarship money. How is it that you seem to think you own EC? You haven’t purchased EC! Besides, you’re the author of the infamous $18.39 contribution to Erskine. You even did one my honor. Do you remember? Well, none of that gives you much permission!

    3. What nonsense is your statement that AFE wasn’t established for “fighting”? Of course, it was! What else has AFE done? In your inability to recognize reality you are doing an intellectual exercise in Orwellian double-speak! Did you learn that from Bill Crenshaw?

    4. You have every right to oppose the changing of the Erskine Charter, but, actually, it’s none of your business. It is, however, the business of the ARP Church. Not only that, it’s the prerogative of the ARP Church.

    5. The pomposity of your allegation that the matter about Bill Crenshaw is a matter of academic freedom and freedom of speech reaches higher than your six foot and nine inch frame! You know what the issues are. We have talked about them!

    6. As you decry the coming and going of employees at Erskine, do try and remember that employees come and go in all businesses. Perhaps one of the limiting factors over the years for Erskine has been the ingrown nature of the Erskine community. This is for certain: Erskine has not prospered because of its ingrownness, unless prosperity is marked by stagnation and decline.

    7. Pray consider that what you call “Christianity” is so insipid and sterile that most of us who are evangelical and Bible-believing consider it to be a mockery of the faith of the Bible. Your pseudo-pious claptrap about prayer for one another and “keeping Chrit[’s] commands” is both nauseating and meaningless. Do your need that sort of thing to sooth your conscience and give you permission?

    8. David, why do you refer to EC as a “Liberal Arts College?” You know as well as I do that EC ceased to be classified as a “Liberal Arts College” when you were a student at EC.

    9. You ask as to what needs to be focused on. Could it be integrity at EC? Could it be a return to the MISSION?


    Chuck Wilson

    David Dangerfield
    I think this group needs to get back on topic. I appreciate individuals who’ve chosen to remind everyone they hate the fighting on both sides. I hate it too.

    Perhaps even more, I’m disgusted by the notion that this group was founded for fighting. No. This group was founded for defense. I’m not sorry for reacting when Erskine, my friends, and truth itself is attacked. Period.

    That being said, I will continually protest proposed changes to the Charter that give the Synod official/legal power to do what it did at the Snow Synod. And, unless any new information comes out, I will continue to ask why Dr. Bill Crenshaw isn’t in the classroom – where he has been for 35 years. I will continue to promote academic freedom against any and all challenges. I will continue to mourn the loss of so many employees who for various reasons are not at Erskine anymore, even as I strive to promote an Erskine where any and all would desire to be employed. These are the things we need to focus on!

    I want peace too, but NOT if it means turning my back on what is right and what is true.

    And, I’ll do this all while being, far from secular, but firmly convicted that our cause is indeed a cause of Christ. Constructed in fellowship, affection, and care for our fellows who still call Erskine home. In righteous outrage at the lies and attacks that some have maliciously carried out in the name of some perverted version of Christianity. I’m outraged. More than outraged at being called secular. I was taught that God is honored by truth and virtue, loving thy neighbor as they self. Didn’t Christ command that? Wasn’t that the greatest commandment? What love is there in attacking innocent employees and a fine Christian Liberal Arts College?

    The bitter fruit we’ve seen with Erskine, it is simply part of a larger harvest in the ARP Church. A symptom of some deep division that they must work out. We know one another by our fruit. And, instead of celebrating when someone falls – we need to be true Christians. We must pray for those people, even those with whom we so ardently disagree. None of us can relish in any institution or person’s tragedys and still be keeping Christ commands. Amid it all, we are commanded to love and pray for one another.

    I pray for the ARP Church and, I will not, I will never, turn my back on Erskine


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