New Covenant ARP Internship and Revitilization Program


Dear Readers of ARPTalk,

See the letter below. I commend this ministry to both your prayer and financial support.

Chuck Wilson


We are in the midst of a revitalization effort at New Covenant ARP Church in Charlotte, NC. Those who want to know more can look at the “about” section on our website

By God’s grace, we are growing. The growth is coming from our immediate neighborhood, which is inner-city and multi-ethnic. We are happy to report that the only changes that we have made to our worship hour have been in a more traditional direction; we added Trinity Hymnals to the pew racks. Dean Turbeville’s church, All Saints, gave a generous donation for that. We’ve added the reading of the Law, confession of sin, and assurance of pardon to the liturgy.

We are mindful of the commandment to honor our fathers and mothers, so we are traditional in our worship. The worship hour is not our time for outreach; we do outreach on Sunday afternoons by providing a free meal every week, by doing door-to-door evangelism, and by leading a worship service at a neighborhood nursing home. Ideally the Lord’s Day at New Covenant will begin to look more and more like Isaiah 58:6-14 both in our activities and in the receiving of those promises. Sabbath-keeping, there, is shown to be a means of individual and community revitalization. Sabbath-keeping as a means to church revitalization – that’s the only paradigm we’re aware of which God guarantees to bless (Is. 58:14). We have merely entered into this; we are mindful of our many faults, but we pray that we will be more faithful.

The New Covenant congregation was all Caucasian, when I was called to New Covenant in January 2010; yet the neighborhood is 50% African-American. Thankfully, our Sunday attendance, now, looks very much like the neighborhood. Shortly after my installation as pastor, I took a vacation. On the following Sunday I was told that a very nicely dressed black man had visited. No one had asked him for contact information, but a few people told me that they had nice conversations with him. A couple of weeks went by, and one Sunday morning, a man walked by my office, I called out, “You must be the nicely dressed black man who visited three weeks ago.” Yes, he was the man. His name is Mark Jones. I found out that he sells men’s clothing at Nordstrom’s in Charlotte. I also learned that Mark attended Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids for three semesters, prior to moving to Charlotte. Mark is now an elder at New Covenant. He enjoys reading anything by Banner of Truth Publishing, and enjoys listening to recorded sermons by Dick DeWitt and other ministers who are like-minded. Mark is a pastoral intern. He is wrapping up his first class, Greek 1, at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS).

New Covenant currently supports three interns at the rate of $3,000.00 ea per year (a fourth intern will live in the manse rent free, beginning Sept. 19th). That money is sent to RTS and is doubled by them up to a third of the cost of tuition, so each intern effectively receives $6,000.00 per year. That still leaves a need of about $4,000.00 per year (includes books), if they take classes on a four-year pace. Mark needs help coming up with that amount for each of the next four years. If you wish to help, you may make tax-deductible contributions to New Covenant ARP Church. Simply indicate, separately, that you want the money to be used for Mark’s education or for the education of the interns in general.

Your brother in Christ,

Scott Robar (Pastor)
New Covenant ARP Church
2541 Elkwood Circle Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 213-2758 cell
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  1. Bill Evans says:


    Thanks for giving some exposure to this faithful, creative, and effective model of ministry in Charlotte.

  2. Seth Stark says:

    Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for bringing this work to my attention! It is encouraging to read of a church reforming and becoming more faithful to God’s Word!


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