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A Statement on the Authority of the Bible


While some have thought that what has been termed the “battle for the Bible” was successfully concluded in evangelical circles almost three decades back, there can be little doubt at this point that the doctrine of Scripture is now a front-burner issue among American Evangelicals. In particular, there is increasing interest in the formulations of Karl Barth, whose dialectical theology is thought by some to provide…

An Interview with Dr. R. J. Gore: Regarding the “Statement on Scripture by Concerned Erskine Faculty Members”


If nothing but the last line of this interview were to have been published, it would still have newsworthy! Thank you, Dr. Gore for your time in addressing these few questions.

A More Sure Word, By Dr. R. J. Gore


We live in a world of oppressive uncertainty. In a world where so many things are going wrong and a cacophony of voices solicits our allegiance, where can one go for direction? Some would say, just rely on your experience. Yet Peter points to an even more certain witness…