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Readers of ARPTalk:

The following corrections are to be applied to my last post.

  1. I want to thank the five or six of you who have e-mailed or called me regarding Dr. Steve Lowe’s credentials. Dr. Lowe is not a minister in the United Methodist Church; rather, he is a layman. Dr. Lowe is a member of a conservative congregation and identifies himself as a Whitefield Methodist. That means that he is a Calvinist in his understanding of salvation.
  2. I also forgot that Dr. Loyd Melton was Interim Dean and Vice President of ETS between Dr. Randy Ruble and Dr. RJ Gore. Dr. Melton is a Baptist and senior professor at ETS. He is also a superb teacher. I know that from sitting in his classroom. I wish him the best as he continues to recover from successful cancer surgery. Having a Baptist as the Interim Dean and Vice President is not as shocking to the ecclesiastical system of a Presbyterian as having a Methodist as the Interim Executive Vice President – even a Whitefield Methodist.
  3. Former Erskine President Dr. Sanyarn Bell did not spell his first name “Stanyarn.”


Charles W. Wilson

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  1. Brian Smith says:

    Dear Charles,
    Maybe the best correction you should be making is that Erskine Seminary ‘has never been the seminary of the ARP’ like the SBTS is the Southern Baptists or RTS is to the PCA.

  2. Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for your comments to ARPTalk and your question to me.

    My answer to your inquiry regarding the relationship between the ARP Church and ETS has three parts:

    1. There is NO formal relationship between Reformed Theological Seminary and the PCA. Reformed Theological Seminary is an INDEPENDENT seminary. The seminary of the PCA is Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO.

    2. You write that Erskine Theological Seminary has never been the seminary of the ARP Church. That’s news to me! In the last 40 years, Presidents of Erskine and Deans of ETS have often spoken of ETS as the seminary of the ARP Church. ETS is identified as an “agency” of the ARP Church. BOT members are appointed by the General Synod. ETS reports annually to the meeting of the General Synod the ARP Church. The relationship between ETS and the ARP Church is very similar to that between Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Southern Baptist Convention and Covenant Theological Seminary and the PCA.

    3. As per your request that I correct: NO CORRECTION NEEDED!

    I suggest that you see the website of the ARP Church. There is a wealth of material there regarding this matter.


    Chuck Wilson
    Editor, ARPTalk