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Erskine Proposed ByLaws Changes


For your information, enclosed is a copy of the ByLaws changes on the table right now at Erskine College. Text marked as strike-through are to be removed, and underlined items are to be added.

An Inconvenient Truth!


Why does the Erskine administration now embrace and defend one who has publicly shown his contempt for the ARP Church, who has mocked the doctrine of Scripture affirmed by the ARP Church, and who has demonstrated his opposition to the policies and decisions of the ARP Church by filing a legal action against the General Synod of the ARP Church?

Valentine’s Day – When a Man Loves a Woman


Fresh out of seminary in 1976, I became the pastor of the White Oak Presbyterian Church, Moreland, GA. Two of the kindest and gentlest people in that congregation were JW and Kate Thompson. They had been married for nearly forever. Through them I was privileged to see what it is like when a man loves a woman.

We Shall See Him


I find it peculiar that we are so careful to observe the Lord’s Supper and yet so rarely celebrate the Supper’s anticipation of Christ’s return (1 Corinthians 11:26). Paul speaks of “the Lord” as “at hand” (Philippians 4:5), James says that the Judge is standing “before the door” (James 1:7). The year was 1957…

ARPTalk – Correction


 Readers of ARPTalk: The following corrections are to be applied to my last post. I want to thank the five or six of you who have e-mailed or called me regarding Dr. Steve Lowe’s credentials. Dr. Lowe is not a minister in the United Methodist Church; rather, he is a layman. Dr. Lowe is a […]

Understanding the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church & It’s Relation to Erskine Seminary


This article, by Mr. Seth Stark, is how an outsider, a Californian and a graduate student who has recently become an ARP, sees the relationship between the ARP Church and Erskine College and Seminary.

Erskine Theological Seminary Irrelevant to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


Many of us look at Erskine College and Seminary and wonder why our educational institutions have not prospered in the last 40 years. How is it that we have failed to understand that the two are connected? Has not the struggle in the last 40 years been over theological and confessional integrity? Neely Gaston, Executive Vice President of Erskine Theological Seminary (ETS) resigned on Thursday, January 18, 2011, continuing the troubled story of ETS that has seen a decline in enrollment, a growing financial crisis that is unfixable apart from drastic measures, division and disillusionment among faculty members, and a widespread loss of trust in the seminary by the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.