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Jesus Is No Paperweight!


Have you ever asked that about a Christmas present? You appreciate the thought. You appreciate the effort. But you just do not know what to do with the gift. For some of us, the Christmas gift of Jesus is good news of salvation and life anew told again in glorious sounds and words of carols; for others of us, the Christmas gift of Jesus is inexplicable and unexpected. Many people this Christmas are asking: “What am I going to do with this gift of Jesus? How do I use it? Do I add it to my collection of paperweights on the desk of my life?”

Glory To God In the Highest


We are the planet of the visited people. God has come near to us in forms and syllables that we are able to comprehend. In the Incarnation, God has come to us in a face that we can receive without fear. Everything is turned around. It is NOT we who are focusing and searching in the starry night; rather, it is God who has focused on us and found us and called us unto Himself in Jesus. Indeed, let us join the choir of angels as they declare “Glory to God in the highest!”

“One Never Knows, Do One?”


Fats Waller was a famous jazz pianist and singer of the 1930’s who was famous for his malapropisms. When dealing with the postings on the so-called Erskine alums Facebook site, Fats Waller’s famous malapropism of “One never knows, do one?” is an appropriate description of some of the postings.

The Numbers for ETS


The student enrollment data for ETS is now available. The enrollment is down. The numbers are disappointing. The loss of students equals the loss of revenue for ETS.

Not One Square Inch!


This sermon is by Dr. R. J. Gore, Professor of Systematic Theology, ETS. Enjoy! This is well written. Indeed, this is an enjoyable read.