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The following correction to ARPTalk has been delivered by Paul Patrick, Campus Minister at Erskine. Thanks for keeping us straight! He has also attached a newsletter describing the event.  You may click here, or click the photo below to read it.

Mr. Wilson,

I was forwarded your most recent ARPTALK #37 in which you referenced information from my own recent newsletter RE Campus Ministry at Erskine. I’d like to bring to your attention a few corrections on your report/commentary you gleaned from my newsletter. These corrections may seem small, but since it pertains to my ministry and my newsletter they were of concern to me.

  1. Our Oct 31 ministry event that gathered 417 people was a Hymn Sing with Matthew Smith from Indelible Grace. We did serve BBQ and fed 365+ of those people, but I did not preach at this event as you suggested in ARP Talk. We have had Psalm Sings in the past, but this event was neither a Psalm sing nor a preaching event, which you specifically suggested in your comments.
  2. Only one of the two pictures you posted from my newsletter was from the Hymn Sing event. The other was from our recent RUF Fall Conference.

Like you, I am encouraged by what the Lord is doing in ministry at Erskine. I appreciate your support, your favorable commentary, and your wanting to share some of the good news from Erskine and from my newsletter with others. I know you intend to be accurate in what you report, which is why I am sending you these corrections. Perhaps just linking my newsletter would accomplish both sharing good news and maintaining precision in reporting.

I’ve attached it below for that reason.

For the Gospel,


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  1. Bryan Crotts says:

    Wish I had been under a campus ministry like the Barn or RUF when I was in college! Bryan Crotts