Things You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask


1. What was the cost to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in the recent civil suit that was brought against the denomination by certain Erskine Board members, Erskine alums, and Erskine faculty members?

ANSWER: $123,000 at this time.

2. What was the cost to the plaintiffs?

ANSWER: At least $120,000. The cost to the plaintiffs was probably greater.

3. Will the ARPs who are also plaintiffs, who made it necessary for their church to spend $123,000 in defense in legal activities, reimburse the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church?

ANSWER: Not a chance!

4. Under the administration of Dr. Randy Ruble, how much money was laundered through Erskine College to the EC Foundation in order for the EC Foundation to help pay attorneys’ fees for the plaintiffs?

Answer: At least $21,000.

5. Under the administration of Dr. Randy Ruble, how much did Erskine College pay in attorneys’ fee for the abortive attempt by Board Chairman Scott Mitchell to sue the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in civil court?

ANSWER: $60,000 is acknowledged.

6. What is the goal of the EC Foundation?

ANSWER: From the EC Foundation website:

This settlement result, and in fact the viability and continuation of the Erskine we love and support, was made possible by three courageous and committed individuals who have given sacrificially of their time, talents and reputations. Drs. Parker Young and Richard Taylor and J. David Chesnut and the Alumni Association deserve our sincere thanks and gratitude for their gallant actions which have led us to this point. History will inevitably look back on them as Erskine HEROes who made a tremendous difference for Erskine at a critical time.

Now it is our turn to help make a difference. The EC Foundation is committed to its mission of supporting Erskine and of acting as a vehicle for generating funds which initially must be used to pay the legal expenses of the Plaintiffs. Many of you have already given sacrificially to this cause and for your generosity we remain extremely grateful. Many more of you have been waiting for just the right time to consider supporting this effort. Let us assure you that this is indeed the right time. The validity of this effort has been sustained and validated, and we have much to celebrate.

Please join those of us on the Board of the EC Foundation as we intensify our efforts to generate the funds necessary to support Erskine in this way. Gifts to this 501c3 foundation are fully tax exempt and will be acknowledged. We are fully prepared to accept gifts in the form of cash, checks, credit cards via the web site, and securities through our account in a local brokerage firm. Please call our Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Lee Logan, for instructions.

The Future

As you can see in our “Snapshot in Numbers”, we have received a broad outpouring of support from Erskine alumni and friends in terms of numbers, geographic span, and age span. We are grateful to the Erskine family for this faithful and generous support.

While the purposes of the legal action have reached completion, we strive for a change in governance for Erskine [Editor’s emphasis] that provides a greater voice to all her constituents and protects Erskine’s accreditation. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees has announced a committee for studying Erskine’s by-laws, and we pledge to do all that we can to support this committee’s efforts.


Many in the EC Foundation are members of Associate Reformed Presbyterian congregations. Their utter disloyalty to and disregard for the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is breathtaking. The language of “governance” is a polite way of saying: “We are attempting to steal Erskine College and Seminary from the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.” The collusion between the EC Foundation, the Erskine Board Chairman, Mr. Scott Mitchell, certain members of the Board, and certain administrators and faculty members is astounding. This stuff cannot be made up in a “SciFi” novel!

7. Is it possible to organize and put on a meaningful conservative and evangelical event in Due West?

Answer: See the photographs below.

The photographs above dispel the notion of Erskine secularists that a large and meaningful conservative and evangelical event cannot be staged in Due West on behalf of Erskine College. Erskine Chaplin Paul Patrick has demonstrated that it can be done. The October 31 meeting at The Barn had at least 417 in attendance – students, faculty and staff, alums, prospective students, Due Westers, and friends. Wow! 417 people showed up for poor barbeque (and it is the contention of the Editor that all barbeque is “poor barbeque”), fellowship, a Psalm and hymn sing, and preaching. Chaplain Patrick has done well. No other Erskine Chaplain has pulled off such an event. In living history, has anyone pulled off such an event?

8. Below is a copy of a “Memorial” that was passed by the Canadian Presbytery in September.


During the past years we as a Synod have moved to adopt a statement on inerrancy as binding on our denomination. We are in the process of requiring all new ministers to assent to this; we require it in the Manual of Authorities and Duties (p.9), and in the past we have made some effort to direct one of our boards, the Board of Erskine College and Seminary, to recognize, uphold and promote this part of our standards. It seems, however, that if we are pursuing this expectation of others, we as individual pastors and elders should first implement this upon ourselves, vowing our assent to, and commitment to uphold and promote the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture. As such

We, the Canada Presbytery, move that the Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

1. Instruct all presbyteries, to require all ministers and elders of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church to publically avow, “I vow both my assent to the doctrine of the inerrancy of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, and my commitment to uphold and promote the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture in my life and ministry as an officer of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.”

2. Instruct all presbyteries that where there is any lack of clarity on the meaning of the doctrine of the “inerrancy of Scripture” it is to be defined and understood as stated in the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978) (see Appendix A).

3. Instruct all presbyteries to see to the public solemnization of these vows, before the respective presbyteries for ministers, and before respective sessions for elders, by the June, 2012, scheduled meeting of Synod, with the understanding that ministers or elders unable to make and maintain this vow will be required to demit their office, and any Synod appointments held, in or in service to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Churches by the scheduled meeting of Synod in June 2012. The June 2012 date will allow presbyteries, ministers and elders sufficient time to study and become well acquainted with the doctrine of inerrancy and its implications.

4. Instruct the Form of Government committee to work to revise the vows for ordination of new ministers and elders of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church so as to include the above vow (as stated in point 1), and to bring their proposed revision to the next scheduled meeting of the Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in June 2012.

5. Require all presbyteries to include in their reports the status of all ministers’ and elders’ vows regarding inerrancy at the next scheduled meeting of the Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in June 2012.


This document has no need for the Editor’s comments. The appendix with the supporting documentation was not printed. If you would like to see the entire document, e-mail the Editor at

9. Now that the plaintiffs, Chesnut, Taylor, and Young, have dropped their lawsuit against the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church “with prejudice,” does that mean that the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church cannot be sued in civil court again over the same issues?

ANSWER: NO! It only means that Chesnut, Taylor, and Young cannot do it. Others can take up the cause.

10. What is the percentage of Erskine College students who have some kind of athletic scholarship?

ANSWER: Nearly 50%.

11. How large is the new Erskine Freshman class?

ANSWER: It is not easy to get to the exact number at this time. The number is handled like a “state secret.” The numbers has been reported at 132 and 136 and 140. It has also been reported that the total number of new students is 164, that is, Freshman students and transferees. Whatever the number, this Freshman class is the smallest in years. This decline is a part of the continuing legacy of former President Randy Ruble. It is now fair to say that Dr. Ruble was such a bad president that he does not even make a good former president.

These are my thoughts,

Charles W. Wilson

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  1. Brian Smith says:


    So… do people love Erskine more than Jesus in the ARP?

  2. Brian,

    Thank you for your question.

    The answer is YES.