30.2 – Erskine Faculty Votes No-Confidence

Download This Issue of ARPTalk (#30) in PDF Format

Download This Issue of ARPTalk (#30) in PDF Format

This past Tuesday, May 11, 2010, the Erskine College faculty passed a resolution of “NO CONFIDENCE” in the Moderator’s Commission of the General Synod. The vote was 39 to 8. The statement is printed below.


By the Faculty of Erskine College

May 11, 2010

The Moderator’s Commission on Erskine College and Seminary was charged with investigating the Erskine Board of Trustees and administration’s faithful oversight of Erskine as a Christian liberal arts college. In March 2010 the seven-member Commission issued a report, along with stated recommendations.

The Commission’s unsubstantiated conclusions and its members’ questionable objectivity have created a crisis at Erskine. The repercussions of the Commission’s report and its recommendations threaten irreparable harm to Erskine, its students, and all of its stakeholders.

Therefore, we, the Faculty of Erskine College, out of abiding affection for the institution and unwavering commitment to its mission, issue a vote of no confidence in the Commission, its work, its report, and its recommendations.

Editor: One does not know whether to laugh or weep at such a lame statement. Since Dr. Gid Alston (former PE Coach and Advisor for The Jump Rope Institute) is Interim Academic Dean of the Erskine Faculty, it is safe to say that he authored this resolution. If he did not author it, he did encourage it. Dr. Alston as of late has forcefully expressed such an opinion in the newspapers of the Upstate of South Carolina. Also, Dr. Randy Ruble, President of Erskine and a minister in the ARP Church, must agree with Dr. Alston and the Erskine faculty’s resolution, since he did not oppose it. Dr. Ruble is a former Moderator of the General Synod. Dr. Ruble knows the members of the Commission. It seems that he is in agreement with the Erskine faculty and thinks that the Commission is a “den of misleaders.”

The Editor makes the following comments.

  1. This is a none too subtle attempt on the part of the Erskine faculty to drive a wedge between the Commission that was appointed by the General Synod and the General Synod. In essence, they have branded the Commissioners “rabid dogs” who have LIED to the General Synod.
  2. The Commission’s report on Erskine was adopted by the Called Meeting of General Synod in March. The report of the Commission is NO LONGER a report but an action by the General Synod. Ultimately, it does not matter what the Erskine faculty wants or does not want. The last time the Editor looked, the Erskine faculty members were just “hired help.”
  3. What is taking place at Erskine is a war between religion and irreligion. On one side is the evangelical Christian faith of the ARP Church and, on the other side, is academic secularism and the infidelity of the Baal cult of Erskine. Often the two sides use the same words (like “faith” and “Jesus”), but they use different dictionaries, and the words have polar opposite meanings. More on this will unfold as this issue of ARPTalk unfolds.

These are my thoughts,

Charles W. Wilson

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