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Download This Issue of ARPTalk (#30) in PDF Format

Download This Issue of ARPTalk (#30) in PDF Format

The posting below, from the computer of Mr. David Vickery, was taken from Facebook.

David Vickery Let me say, I worked closely with many students while I was Dir. of Ch. Ed. for Synod. The students just did not see any problems like the ones reported.

According to my understanding, Daniel has been running to Chuck Wilson with every little complaint. This is where certain faculty members told students to go to get their complaints broadcast.

All of the student harassment problems were elevated by four or five students intent on causing problems through the properganda [sic] machine of Chuck Wilson.

An enviroment [sic] of intimadation [sic] did not and does not exist on Erskine Camp [sic]

This posting is astounding, especially for the members of Second Presbytery in the ARP Church.

The Editor is a member of Second Presbytery. The Editor writes in defense of and for the honor of his Presbytery.

As stated above, Mr. David Vickery is the former Director of Christian Education for General Synod. He is also a retired High School principal, a member of the Minister and His Work Committee of Second Presbytery, and a member of the Greenville ARP Church.

In 2007, at the fall meeting of Second Presbytery, a request from a large group of Erskine student leaders was presented to Second Presbytery. The list of students who signed the request was long and it was a “Who’s Who of Erskine students” – not “four or five students,” as Mr. Vickery alleges. The students’ request was a plea to Second Presbytery for help in their dealing with Erskine administrators who were members of Second Presbytery. They stated that a “culture of intimidation” existed at Erskine.

According to procedures, the delegates of Second Presbytery voted to place the matter in the hands of the members of the Minister and His Work Committee (M&HWC). After a preliminary examination of the students’ request by the M&HWC, a Commission was formed that was made up of three members of the M&HWC (Drs. John Cook, Jim Corbitt, and Mr. Stu Wright) and the Moderator of Presbytery (Mr. Floy Jumper). The students were interviewed by the M&HWC. Since the matter involved Erskine administrators who were named and who were also ministers in Second Presbytery (President Randy Ruble, Executive Vice President Neely Gaston, and Vice President Jay West), they were also interviewed.

The matter was adjudicated in this manner. (1) The Commission reported that “a culture of intimidation” did indeed exist at Erskine; and (2) the Commission found the actions of Dr. Jay West were inappropriate and his Rebuke was moved and passed by the Presbytery.

For the reader, “Rebuke” is the mildest form of censure in the ARP Church. Basically, Mr. West was told to cease from doing what he had been doing, that is, he was told to be nice. Dr. West has often written that the members of the Commission failed in their investigation in that all relevant parties were not interviewed; however, when Dr. West acknowledged the nature of his actions with students, the investigation ceased. A witness was not needed to confirm what Dr. West acknowledged.

It is astounding that Mr. Vickery writes that “An enviroment [sic] of intimadation [sic] did not and does not exist.” Mr. Vickery was a member of the M&HWC at that time. Does he mean to say that the M&HWC and the Commission that was formed out of the M&HWC (the Committee of which he was and is now a member) mislead Second Presbytery? Does Mr. Vickery mean to say that Second Presbytery has misrepresented the Erskine situation? In examining the records of Second Presbytery, the Editor does not find that Mr. Vickery objected to either the report of the M&HWC or the actions of the Commission or Second Presbytery.

It is also astounding that Mr. Vickery attributes all that took place to a few Erskine students running to Chuck Wilson’s “properganda [sic] machine.” At the time when the students sent their letter, Chuck Wilson was unaware of the letter from the students. At that time, Church Wilson had not met Mr. Daniel Wells or any of the students who signed the petition asking for redress. For the record, it was some time later that Chuck Wilson met some of the students who signed the letter. At that time, there was no ARPTalk. It was more than a year later that ARPTalk came into existence. The first distribution of ARPTalk was May/June 2008.

Once again, for the record, when the report of the Commission came before Second Presbytery, there was only one person who objected to the actions of the Commission and the proceedings of Second Presbytery. Chuck Wilson objected to the Commission’s being formed to do a committee’s work. Chuck Wilson objected to Dr. West not being given an opportunity to speak before the Presbytery. Frankly, Chuck Wilson was disappointed with the manner in which the matter was dealt. Chuck Wilson even offended some of his friends with his objections.

In the words of baseball player, manager, and philosopher Casey Stengel, “You can look it up!”

These are my thoughts,

Charles W. Wilson

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  1. Chris Casey says:

    From everything that I know, Mr. David Vickery is a champion of TRUTH. He is one of the few who has been willing to state publicly his true belief(s) regarding “intimidation” (or lack thereof) on the Erskine campus. This “culture of intimidation” that you seem to be unable to let go of has been so terribly blown out of proportion. Mr. Wilson, this matter is done. O-V-E-R. The administrator that you mentioned is no longer “hired help” (as you might like to say). I continue to be staggered by your unwillingness to move on. My guess is that you continue to grasp at this straw to try to prove a point (that is not a point at all). The irony here is that you, sir [title used begrudgingly] are the TRUE INTIMIDATOR. Congratulations! You should be extremely “proud” of yourself, for you are a true pioneer of intimidation. You have now proven why many in your denomination are AFRAID to arrive at their own conclusions regarding this (or any Erskine-related) matter. Your confabulation is shining proof of why so many in the ARPC are choosing to keep quiet. Leave David Vickery alone! His past work as the Director of Christian Education for General Synod, his reputation in the Greenville ARP Church, and his outstanding work in the field of education speak volumes to HIS credit. You choose to question his credibility. You? Really? Let’s not get started on other peoples’ reputations and/or credibility. Mr. Wilson, this world does not revolve around you. In the real world (outside the comfort of the ARPC and the court of Synod that seems to be your “go-to” weapon of choice), people are in fact allowed to have opinions which differ from your own. Not everyone in the ARP will choose to fall in line and accept the spoon-fed information that you cling to. You should be ashamed; however, my gut tells me that you are so very PROUD of yourself right now.

    • Bruce Danejur says:

      I’m sorry but the word ‘Champion’ does not even come close to the awsomeness contained in the great Dr. David Vickery, aka Dr. Victory.

      If you’ll notice there is a great resemblance between DV and Winston Churchill.

      These are my thoughts…

  2. John R. Harrison says:

    Any chance of the minutes of the meeting with Jay West by 2nd Presbyter printed.

  3. JAY WEST says:

    Yes, I agree. Chuck, please post the minutes of Second Presbytery and the Minsiter and His Work Commission. You have my permission.

  4. Bruce Danejur says:

    I have noticed that the ARP talk guy writes a lot about people that he will come into contact with face to face at some point. Is that not akward for you? I mean I can just imagine bumping into this guy, “hey hows it going, my name’s Chuck it’s nice to meet you” ” Hey Chuck, yea you actually already know me. You kinda wrote some bad stuff about me on your website”. I mean, has that happened before. I know you see these people at Synod meetings and stuff, and at least making eye contact with them. I would feel so akward. Has that ever happened? ,