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The Erskine Defense Fund to Sue the ARP Church


Apparently, a fund has been created by some Erskine alum to sue the ARP Church for exercising their authority on the Board of Directors. Is Erskine being asked to pay for a lawsuit (which it dropped) which alumni have instigated against the ARP Church? Even stranger, is the ARP Church contributing to pay attorney’s fees both to sue itself and defend itself?

The Trial of Erskine v. the ARP Church


The hearing on the restraining order filed by Erskine alumni against the ARP Church took place on Thursday, March 25, 2010, at the Newberry courthouse. Based on the events that transpired during the proceedings, the Editor has some questions at this point…

ARPTalk Newsletter – Issue 27


Issue 27 of ARPTalk includes the Investigatory Commission on Erskine College and Seminary, A Love Letter Straight from Bill Crenshaw’s Heart, Thoughts on FaceBook, A Justification for Lawsuits, and more…

Restraining Order Withdrawn… Or Has It?


The restraining order filed by Mr. Scott Mitchell, the former Chairman of the Erskine Board, has been withdrawn. However, three former members of the Board have continued the restraining order…

Commission Findings – Needful Correction


In its response to the report of the commission, did the General Synod of the ARPChurch act to hurt Erskine? No! Needful correction is not “hurt!” Here is some of what was found by the commission along with other matters of which the Editor is aware:

Erskine College Files Restraining Order Against the ARP Church


The bold headlines in the Greenville and Greenwood newspapers as well as the Aquila Report have detailed how Mr. Scott Mitchell, the former Chairman of the Erskine College and Seminary Board and current member of the interim Board appointed by the General Synod, has filed a restraining order against the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.