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May 22, 2009
Welcome to the seventeenth (17th) issue of ARPTalk. Featured in ARPTalk(17) are the following articles:

  • (17.1.1) Letter from Rev. Curt Young, Senior Pastor, Church of the Atonement –Rev. Young’s letter/email is in response to the Editor’s response to an ETS mail out: “Meet Your Faculty and Staff.”
  • (17.1.2) Response to Dr. Bill Crenshaw –Dr. Crenshaw had some questions regarding the Editor’s sources in the Editor’s report on the “Erskine Forum.”
  • (17.2) EVANGELICAL OR HOMOPHOBIC? The Editor asks this question: Are the PC(USA) “conservatives” Evangelical or homophobic? Is their opposition to homosexuality principally driven by conservative social conventions or theologically/Biblically driven?
  • (17.3) AN OLD VISION FOR ERSKINE – Is there a vision for Erskine that promotes authentic Evangelical Christian faith and excellence in learning? Yes, there is one. Time passes and we forget; however, a vision has been framed that advances the Erskine Mission and draws Erskine to the ARP Church. This vision was framed in 1998. The author was Dr. John Carson. One wonders why his vision which was overwhelming received by the General Synod has been ignored. A copy of Dr. Carson’s vision is included. If you have never read this, you will want to read Dr. Carson’s words.
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