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Welcome to the fifteenth (15th) issue of ARPTalk. The Editor begins with a THANK YOU to ARPTalk readers. ARPTalk(Extra4) is now the most read issue of ARPTalk. At this point, according to the Blog Master, there have been over 2000 “hits” on the ARPTalk blog-site for the ARPTalk(Extra4) issue. There were more than 500 “hits” the first day.
Featured in ARPTalk(15) are the following articles:

  • (15.1) LETTERS TO ARPTalk– a letter by Erskine College student, Mr. Michael Sewall, “SGA’s Circumvention of the Rules.” This letter was first printed in the March/April issue of The Mirror, the Erskine College student newspaper. Mr. Sewall exposes and decries the violation of the non-alcohol policy of Erskine College and the Student Government Association (SGA). Below the article are photographs of students at the SGA Formal (5/2/09) buying and drinking at the bar that was provided in violation of both Erskine College and the SGA non-alcohol policy. The photographs were taken by a concerned Erskine student and sent to ARPTalk. One wonders, will anyone on the Erskine Administration take responsibility for allowing this violation of policy?
  • (15.2) PAUL CONDEMNED FOR CRITICISMS OF THE GALATIAN CHURCH – a biting satire taken from the blog-site “Sacred Sandwich.” Indeed, this article cuts into the complacency of the ARP “culture of niceness and mediocrity.” Enjoy! The Editor laughed a lot.
  • (15.3) BERKHOF ON BARTH – taken from a 1942 article by Louis Berkhof. Dr. Berkhof’s orthodoxy on all things Reformed is unquestioned. Most of us who are older learned our theology from Dr. Berkhof’s Systematic Theology. Dr. Berkhof is as relevant today as he was in 1942. This is a great summary corrective of Barth’s view of Biblical authority.

If you are new to ARPTalk, ARPTalk is NOT an official voice of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The purposes of ARPTalk are two-fold: (1) To inform and educate the ministers and laypeople of ARPdom on significant issues that are before ARPdom; and (2) To give voice to and encouragement to those who feel they have been ignored and marginalized.

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